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I got back from the doctor’s office earlier today.  I had an annual physical with some blood work done.  Unfortunately I won’t know about the blood work until Monday, but I do have some numbers to post for today.

  • Weight: 191 (taken on home scale)/195 (doctor’s office, fully clothed with shoes on)
  • Waist: 38.75 inches (taken @ home)
  • BP: 114/68
  • Pulse: 62
  • Respiration (Rate): 14
  • Hemoglobin (Finger Stick): 16.8
  • UA (Urine Analysis): 1.020 SPEC GRAV/6 PH (everything else Negative)

As I mentioned in my last post this is my first day on the alternate day diet.   And honestly, I haven’t really felt any pangs of hunger yet.  This morning I had to fast for my blood work, so I didn’t get any breakfast with the exception of a couple cups of water.


Here are the charts and numbers…. (more…)

WE DID IT!  1,001 hits in a single day.  You Guys ARE AWESOME!  Now I will go back over the acronyms, pick a winner (with the help of my lovely assistant- my wife) and announce a winner sometime tomorrow.

Sleep well.  You worked hard today.

Well, we set a record for this blog.  The previous record was 2,458 visits (set last week).  The new record is now 3,465 hits in a week.  Even better news, the TotalTransformationTest blog is on pace to have its highest traffic month ever.  Thanks to all of you who visited!  Please do keep coming back for more.

Thanks to all of you...

Thanks to all of you...

I am weighing in at about 185lbs. This 185 lbs is nice though, since it includes a lot more muscle than the last time (about a year ago) that I weighed 185 lbs. Admittedly, I added back on a few pounds of fat and need to drop that over the next month or so. A task that my Wii Fit will help me with, no doubt.

My latest blood pressure numbers are 112/61 with a resting heart rate of 64 bpm (beats per minute).

I will be heading over in a week or two to get a cholesterol screening. I hope it turns out better than the last one. (For last years very scary cholesterol screening results click here)

It’s Official: 100,000 Page Views

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Woo-hoo! If I wasn’t still sick I would say more. Thank you all for your visits and your comments. Please do keep coming back.