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Well there is lots of stuff to catch up on so maybe I should say something like, “Coming this Week”

First I have to “dance with the one that brung me” and get back to some good old fashioned weight loss blogging. I have gotten a bit off track and forgotten my Excel spread sheets for the last few days. Well, I plan on bringing them back. I am also putting together a new post on sex and exercise (related to the VERY popular sexercise post– now viewed over 4,200 times) that will come with an interesting challenge. (more…)

5. 10 minutes on the treadmill feels like an eternity. 10 minutes of sex often feels like it went by in less than 30 seconds.

4. In the gym you are usually surrounded by a bunch of overly muscled dudes grunting and straining. During sex, not only are you the most muscular guy in the room, the person doing the grunting is much prettier!

3. In aerobics class you are surrounded by 20 beautiful women who wouldn’t give you the time of day. During sex you have one woman so beautiful that you won’t remember what time of day it is.

2. Whenever you run the track it seems like you are getting nowhere fast. During sex you know you’re going nowhere (well at least no more than five feet in either direction) and you’re more than okay with that.

1. When you go to the gym after eating pizza you feel guilty for cheating on your diet. During sex you never feel guilty about the pizza, cookies, or cake you ate earlier because, quite frankly, you will have other more pleasant things on your mind.

Caveat: Sex is a wonderful blessing from God and should only be enjoyed within the bounds of marriage. While sex inside marriage is beautiful, pleasurable, and down right great exercise, sex outside of marriage often causes pain, the occasional venereal disease, and is usually too sporadic to count as good exercise. So enjoy- but only within good clean healthy moral limits. HA!

Okay, this article has several important points, and one (or all) of them may shock you.

First, and not surprising, sex and exercise are linked. Men who exercise 20-30 minutes a day are less likely to suffer sexual dysfunction.

Second, sex burns calories, more than you think.

“[H]aving sex three times a week burns the same calories as running about 30 miles per week.” (1).

Wow! I hate running, but as for sex, I have a VERY different opinion.

Third, and perhaps the most shocking to some, the context of your sexual act matters. If you engage in sex as part of a monogamous relationship or a casual fling, each has it’s own effect:

“Experts believe that sex in a loving relationship has a healing effect on body and mind, but that promiscuous sex has the opposite effect (sorry to burst your bubble).” (2)

For those interested in checking out the story, check out While you are there why not use their free system to set up a weight loss profile. The service is free (up to a point) and they will give you a good start with information about your caloric intake, diet tips, etc.