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If you look to your left you will see a neat new widget for Google Chat.  That way, if I happen to be online, and you are bored or have a question I might be able to answer, you can just click the link and a conversation is only seconds away.

Second, I have started an excel program to chart my daily progress.  I will be posting the sheets on a new blog page for all to see.  That way you can see what I am doing, and maybe find some things you want to copy or even bring to my attention some mistakes I am making.  Yes, I used to post everything directly into a post- I know- but that process was far too long and inefficient.

I hope you enjoy these two new editions to the Total Transformation blog.

When I finish grading- which will hopefully happen tomorrow- I will be posting on my workout plans for this summer.  I am going to hit the gym for one last time tomorrow, and after that I am back to good old fashioned workouts in my yard with no high tech gym equipment.

And tomorrow you can expect to see a few sample workouts for this coming summer, some of the equipment I am building and/or ordering for this coming summer.  See you tomorrow.

BTW, if you have any suggestions for homemade equipment feel free to post in the comments section.