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[SPOILER ALERT] Well as if it wasn’t bad enough that poor little WALL-E got beat up by the right, now the fatophiles (might one call some of them fat fetishists?) have their collective panties in a bunch.  Why?  Apparently they don’t like how future humans living aboard a spaceship are portrayed.

According to once critic:

“But the metaphor only works if you believe familiar myths about the overweight: They’re weak-willed, indolent, and stupid. Sure enough, that’s how Pixar depicts the future of humanity.” – Daniel Engber,

Aside: One would be excused if they laughed so hard that they lost a pound or two reading the following in the above article: “That is to say, it may not matter that much whether you eat salads or drink “cupcakes-in-a-cup,” whether you bike everywhere or fly around in a Barcalounger. If you have a propensity to become obese, there’s only so much that can be done about it.”  Engber’s “only so much” apparently means almost nothing.  Go read his article and see what you think.  Aside ended.

But Mr. Engber isn’t the only critic among the fatophiles.  The UK’s Telegraph published an article entitled, “WALL-E’s ‘fattist’ satire angers fat pride groups.”  Let that soak in for a minute.  Fat acceptance advocates interviewed for the article made the following statements:

“It’s the classic stereotype that fat people are stupid, smelly, lazy, disgusting and out of control.” – TelegraphNote: There is no suggestion in the movie that fat people smell bad. (more…)

In the category of “D’uh!.” In the wake of Tim Russert’s heart attack the belief that “if we do everything right — eat healthy, exercise, undergo diligent screening, and get all of our numbers lined up in ideal ranges — that we can prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes and forestall premature death” is taking quite a few hits.  [1]  While these methods are helpful they are not foolproof guarantees.  Then again, what in life is guaranteed other than death and taxes?

Are you a Metabo? You might ask what is Metabo?  Metabo is another name for a person who is presumed to suffer from Metabolic Syndrome.  And for those too lazy to click on the link here is a definition:

Metabolic syndrome is a compilation of risk factorswaist circumference, blood pressure, blood sugar, and triglyceride and blood lipids (cholesterol). Some say that the more of these indices that are “high,” the greater the risk for heart disease. [Metabo- Is a Small Waistline a Measure of Health?]

The author poses a question that provokes some…interesting…imagery

Is a smaller belt size to prevent heart disease like going braless to reduce risks for breast cancer? [Metabo- Is a Small Waistline a Measure of Health?]

The article also contains this gem which is too good to pass up. (more…)