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Here it is, the info on my SparkPeople account.  With these links (and some widgets I will put up later) you can keep track of my nutritional intake, my exercise routines, and other neat stuff.  It is just another way of keeping me honest as a blogger.

Get a Free Online Diet

And if you decided to sign up for your own account, tell them who sent you, JJKESQ.  Thanks and enjoy.

All three provide good and useful services, but is any one of them clearly better than the other two?  The reviews are based on the features most of us would expect from a fitness tool/advice site.  For each category/feature I will rate Traineo, Gyminee, and Sparkpeople.  The format is simple, five categories (user-friendliness, groups, nutritional logging, exercise logging, and graphing capabilities) judged by placing each site into first, second, or third place.  First place is awarded 3 points, second place 2 points; third place 1 point.  At the end of this review the points are added up and the winner announced.  Pretty simple, right?  Good, well let’s start the reviews. (more…)