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Good news, bad news, boring news, sensational news- it’s all in thousands of newspapers published in print and online daily, weekly, and monthly.  But since you can’t read them all, whatever should the aspiring mind do?  Are there some guidelines that might guide you through the avalanche of news available at the local newsstand and on the information superhighway.

Furthermore, there is more to reading and learning than newspapers right?  Of course.  There are journals, websites, blogs, etc.  So allow me to introduce you to rule #1 of the 10 Weeks to an Intellectual Transformation program and how it applies to a broad range of sources- mostly by introducing you to a broad range of sources.

Rule #1. If you aren’t reading things that might get you on an FBI list you probably aren’t reading enough. (more…)

From now on I will posting my excel spreadsheets- the way I keep records of my food intake and daily exercise- on the “Diet and Exercise” page.  It was going to be called the nutrition and exercise page, but WordPress kept knocking it off the top of my blog- nutrition was too long of a word I guess.  So head on over and check it out.

One important bit of info though.  For now I am posting the excel spreadsheets in the form of GIF files since WordPress won’t allow me to upload and link to Excel files.  I will probably be adding on an IGoogle page to handle the actual Excel files, but for now you can just view the GIFS- simply click on the picture to enlarge them.  Enjoy.

And as always feel free to make suggestions, ask questions, and provide commentary.  In case you missed it the first time around, here is the link again.  😉