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KickAssLogoYou haven’t really worked out until you’ve put together an exercise routine that has made you curse the day you were born, beg for mercy, and fear that a heart attack was imminent.  That pretty much describes what I did yesterday.  At some point two days ago I thought, “basic H.I.T. isn’t enough, I need a little something more.”  So, I thought, what if I eliminated the rest breaks and performed 3 rounds of 5-6 minutes of activity with NO rest during each round.    The idea struck me as a good one as I sat in my computer chair- I would later regret this whole line of thought.

So what was the workout?  Well, it looks simple enough on paper until you try to run through, balls to the wall style, with no rest in between. (more…)

p1010040Well aside from the problem I mentioned yesterday continuing into today, today went quite well.  That isn’t to say that the day was easy.  It most certainly wasn’t!  But contrary to what many of you think (I know this since I’ve received quite a few emails) I am not experiencing a severe hunger for carbs.  However, I have, based on a talk with my personal trainer, made a slight adjustment to the Velocity Diet.

I was quite unsettled by the severe crash I experienced mid-workout two days ago.  My trainer suggested I incorporated a meal with no more than 30-50 carbs pre-workout.  Based on that suggestion I consumed a PB & J sandwich about 30 minutes prior to today’s GPP training session- but I am getting ahead of myself.

Today: Gearing up for GPP Training Over 20 Minutes Long

I felt good this morning, although I did sleep in a bit.  I began the day at 9 a.m. with a 12-hour Elite protein shake mixed with milled flax (hereafter referred to as Mifl- wait, maybe another abbreviation would be better).   We were in a rush out the door to get to church, so I took that shake to go.

A bit of interesting news to report. (more…)