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Involuntary Time Off

Posted: December 27, 2009 in health, life, Me
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Thanks to the common cold I’ve been out of commission for the last few days- and for the next couple of days as well.  I am using this time to plan out my next steps to come back from my previous uninspired and unmotivated state of mind.  I’ll be back in a few days.  And when I come back..well, just wait and see.

Coming Out the Other Side…

Posted: October 29, 2008 in health, life, Me, my life
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I can finally see the light. I’ve been in a tunnel of sickness for far too long now.  This morning I got in a 25 minute strength training workout and only launched into two coughing fits.   For the time I still am refraining from cardio since anything resembling cardio sends me into coughing fits that feel like they will end in me bent over the closest toilet or trash can.   (more…)

Well the day did not start well, since when I arrived at the gym it was just under 40 degrees and I quickly discovered that the gym was locked- stranding me and the staff outside.  When they finally got someone down there to open the gym I had missed the chance to perform my usual mobility program (although I had performed a shortened version on the cold concrete outside).  I was also still coughing up all kinds of fun stuff from my lungs.  Based on the above I decided to do a shortened (20-30 minute) workout of just a few compound exercises for low reps and one set a piece.  Something that would allow me to feel my muscle working without getting my lungs too upset. 

I felt pretty weak as I struggled through a leg press, dumbbell dead lifts, push-ups, one-legged squats, and (more…)

Well, I am almost fully recovered from my recent brush with illness- save for coughing up its lingering remnants from my lungs.  I should be ready to hit the gym on Wednesday and put in 100%.  I am interested in seeing if the week off will prove- as such often has- a benefit to recovery and result in an increase in either reps of pounds lifted.  I will be sure to report back on the results.

My schedule for the coming week includes

Wednesday– Weight Room: Upper Body (Shoulders, Chest, Back, and Arms) & Anaerobic exercise on bike. (more…)

Sasha and our cat Joel

Since I’ve already received some odd looks over my choice to spend almost $4,000 to fix my dog Kane, I figured I would pose a related question.  This question came to mind as my wife reminded me that our cat Joel is almost 14 years old.  The question is simple:

Assuming you owned both a dog and cat, hypothetically of course, and both needed expensive medical treatment to prolong their lives, where would you draw the line?  Can you define an objective amount, say $10,000, for each?  If not, would you be more likely to spend more on keeping your dog alive than your cat?  If so, why?

When answering the above questions please, if you feel comfortable, also state whether you own a dog, cat, or other pet. (more…)

We made our first trip to the hospital today.  We discussed the issue of our payment plan, received the unfortunate news that it appeared we might not be able to get any grants to cover the surgery (keep praying about this), and we paid off part of the bill.  [BTW: If you do want to help defray some of the costs of Kane’s surgery just click this sentence.]

On a more positive note we saw Kane for about an hour.  We walked outside with Kane and the doctors and learned how to help him pee by squeezing on his bladder- fun times.  We saw some improvement in him placing a small amount of weight on his hind legs- YEAH!

Then we went into a comfy visiting room where Sasha prayed for Kane and we hung out together for a while.  Here are some of the pictures and video from our visit.

How about the cutest thing first?  Here is a video of Sasha and Kane together- sorry for the no sound, our digital cam stinks.

Next, the surgery scars

I told him that he was lucky in a way since chicks dig scars. (more…)

Wee I weighed in yesterday at 180.4lbs.  Still hanging around my Christmas weight, so not much has changed.  My workout this morning was my second workout back from my recent illness, and it proved that I haven’t fully recovered.  The workout was fairly toned down: moderate weight, high reps (12-20), and three groups of exercises that alternated muscle groups.  However, about 2/3s of the way through my workout I started feeling nausea and I even crosses out my last exercise and had to give up. 

As I stood in the showers I felt sick to my stomach and I had to sit down at my locker post shower to catch my breath and let my stomach settle.  Maybe it wasn’t just the illness though as today I was evaluated in my position as a teaching assistant.  And guess what, I had to give a discussion on the Holocaust.  Rough stuff. 


Posted: April 14, 2008 in fitness, health, illness, life, Me, sickness, weight
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Wouldn’t you know it, I get back up to running 35 minutes without stopping and BANG! I catch some kind of cold!  I am totally out of commission between my lungs feeling like someone rubbed them with sandpaper and the general malaise and lethargy that has hit me out of nowhere.  I am hoping (but not expecting) to be over this by Wednesday since it has been hanging over me since Saturday.  So no updates today.  Keep my health in your prayers.

I will be hitting the gym tomorrow, although I still haven’t returned to 100% yet. I am going to mix things up a bit with a high repetition, fast paced, interval workout. What will it include? Well, I will be making a lot of last minute decisions based on how I feel. But most likely there will be lots of push-ups, dips, sprints, abs exercises, and jumping rope.

Stay tuned to for more info…

Checking In…

Posted: February 6, 2008 in health, illness
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The worst has past- no more fever, no more chills.  Unfortunately, I still have a wretched sandpaper cough and mucus coming out of at least three orifices.  Oh, how I look forward to life in heaven and on the new earth at times like this.