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Well, aside from shoveling snow and throwing snowballs, I thought it would be fun to get in a quick workout.  Okay, I just decided to stage some photos of what it would look like if I chose to workout in the snow.  Enjoy.

And some tire flipping…


Oh, and I’m also getting Sasha into the whole non-traditional training thing…


Normal blogging activities will resume tomorrow.


For now enjoy these pictures of snow and stuff.  BTW, there is a video of the dogs playing after the jump all the way at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy.


The New Family Member: Athena

Posted: October 17, 2008 in Funny, life, Me, my life
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She got here about a week ago.  Her name is Athena and boy is she adorable…

To see more of my cuteness…. (more…)

Well it is that time of week again- Tuesday.  Usually a day known for only being one day better than Monday, but on longer.  Funny Acronym Tuesdays have turned everyone’s second least favorite day of the week (especially now that Hell’s Kitchen has finished for the season) into the happening place to be.  For those who haven’t played before, the rules are quite simple.  Each person who comments defines the acronym posted by the person who commented before them and then writes an acronym of their own for the next person to explain.  Feel free to make your acronyms dark, corny, odd, quirky or whatever. Just have fun!

What can you win?  A write up of your blog posted on here so you get some extra traffic and some bonus Technorati points- for all of you who are interested in that thing.  But there are also immediate benefits too, like a good laugh and some friendly banter.  Let’s see if we can break 1,001 hits in one day (last week’s record).

The first acronym is

E.U.T.H.A.N.A.S.I.A.  (more…)

Well maybe a return to the routine will cheer me up.  I decided to proceed with the F.A.T. challenge in hopes of getting a few laughs and reclaiming some normalcy in my schedule.

So with that said, let the fun begin.  The first acronym is…


Here is the pictorial record of a long, wonderful, sunny Saturday.

Nothing beats a nice slippery slide on a sunny Saturday…. (more…)

Well, I’ve now had two days with my Wii Fit and I can say that our relationship is off to a great start!

After you do the basic technical stuff to set up the platform (pictured below), Wii Fit guides you through a fitness assessment.

Guess what?! Your Wii Fit assessment will be used to track your goals for as long as you desire; the selectable goals range from two weeks to one year. The downside, the Wii fit (partially) uses BMI to gauge your relative health. But since the Wii also weighs you, just go ahead and ignore the BMI and go by your weight- and remember what I say about weight, it is only one indicator of your relative fitness and health. So with those limitations in mind, the Wii Fit still allows you an excellent way to track your progress since it acts as a scale, BMI calculator, and weight loss calculation/graphing tool.

It gets even better. (more…)

And boy is this thing neat!

I played around with it a bit this afternoon.  Tomorrow I will take it for a serious spin.  For those who don’t know the Wii Fit offers four workouts/options: aerobics, balance games, yoga, and strength training. I am thinking I will do a combination strength training/aerobics workout tomorrow morning before I walk the dog.

Well here it is…

Daddy and Sasha on the new swing set

…The swing set that I spent the last three days working on, cursing at, stewing over, and bringing all my macho bravado and daring to the task of assembling its 150+ pieces is ALMOST complete. With a few more hours work it will be done, bur for now it is complete enough for Sasha to use 90% of the swing set. And that is all that she cares about.

And if you are wondering whether she liked the new swing set or not, the next two pictures should answer that question.

Ah, the many perks of being a father.

It was a great day out with the family ;-).  65 degrees, sunny all day, and a very energetic daughter to chase around the playground.