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Well this is how I look now.  A long way from where I was three years ago.  I’ve been stuck somewhere between 185 and 195 for about a year now.  I took these pictures on Monday morning when I weighed 195 lbs and my waist measure 39 inches.  Here are the side and front shot as well.

Well, here we are 28 days later.  Almost a whole month, since I was more overweight than I am comfortable admitting to.  How much did I progress in 28 days?  How far have I come in a little less than a month?  Well here are some stats, and the pictures follow below the break. (FYI: I will publish a post in the next few days reflecting on my experience and offering some advice for those who follow in my footsteps).

Day 1/Day 8/Day 17/Day 28

  • Blood Pressure: 127/72…….119/61……….117/60……..109/64
  • Pulse: 67……..64………..61………..62
  • Weight: 186.2……181.8……….178………173.6
  • Body Fat: 26.5………24.5………23.2……….22.5
  • Belly: 38″………37″………..35.5″………….34.75″
  • Hips: 39″…………38″………..38″………….38″

So that means:

  • Weight Lost: 12.6lbs (roughly  .5 lbs per day)
  • Body Fat % Lost: 4%
  • Belly Shrunk By: 3.25″

Before and After

jan-1st-2009-front-croppedfront-crop-pic-1-29 (more…)

Well, I only have two days left in this Velocity Diet experiment.   I’ve fallen behind on my blogging as I’ve taken on more academic work.  However, be sure to stay tuned for my BIG results post in about two days.  Wait until you see how many inches I’ve dropped off my waistline in 4 weeks!

As for the activity you missed out on (more…)

As I just realized that I forgot to post results for week two, here you go.  I didn’t do full measurements, but I hit the important numbers.

Day 1/Day 8/Day 17

  • Blood Pressure: 127/72…….119/61……….117/60
  • Pulse: 67……..64………..61
  • Weight: 186.2……181.8……….178
  • Body Fat: 26.5………24.5………23.2
  • Belly: 38″………37″………..35.5″
  • Hips: 39″…………38″………..38″

And here at the pictures, beginning with day 1 and then Day 8 and Day 17.

Front Picture Cropped

jan-1st-2009-front-cropped (more…)

Can’t say I don’t prefer training in warmer weather, but all-in-all it wasn’t that bad.

The workout was hard and I pushed myself further than before with shorter rest periods between exercises. The workout consisted of three sessions, separated by 5 minutes of rest between each session.

Session I

  • Sledgehammer Training: 3 minutes (80 strikes from Right side, 40 strikes from left side)/60 seconds rest
  • Tire Flipping: 3 minutes (about 20 flips)/60 seconds rest
  • 1-legged Squat: 3 minutes (12 reps each side, 8 reps each side)/60 seconds rest
  • Sandbag Press: 3 minutes/60 seconds rest
  • Tire Drag: 3 minutes
  • REST 5 Minutes

Session II
  • Sledgehammer Training: 2 minutes/60 seconds rest (more…)

Today is my cheat day…YAY!  So I will also reward myself by writing a short post.

My back is still pretty sore from two days ago, so I am delaying my GPP training until tomorrow.  Instead I did a workout composed entirely of push-ups and chin-ups (with varying grip/hand positions)- six sets of each.  It felt good and avoided aggravating my lower back.

Also, I am happy to report that my weight is down around 178.8 lbs, my waist measurement is about 36.5″, and my body fat is  22.9%.  Don’t forget that when I started twelve days ago I was 186.2 lbs, had a 38 inch waist, and my body fat percentage was right around 26.5%.  That means that in twelve days I lost 7.4 lbs, 1.5 inches from my waist, and  3.6% body fat!

See you tomorrow!

Here are the back, front, and side shots….

Jan. 1st, 2009 (white shorts)/Jan. 10th, 2009 (black shorts)


Follow the jump to see the pics enlarged…. (more…)

anatomy-bicep_r1_c11What a day…

Today began with my day 8 measurements, which are already posted here.  The results were great, with a loss of 4.4lbs and 2.1% body-fat.  After that it was back to the usual routine- protein shakes and milled flax seed.

Meal 1: Myoplex Shake, milled flax seed, multi-vitamin, 2 PGX fiber capsules (7:30 a.m.)

Meal 2: Myoplex light shake (10:35 a.m.)

It was just about this time that I got a pleasant surprise- well two surprises.  First, the repair guy from GE came to fix our dryer AND it was covered by the warranty.  Theshowdown-kennycomplete icing on the cake– he looked like Kenny Rogers.  Not just any Kenny rogers.  Nope, he looked like Will Sasso as Kenny Rogers.  Even better than the original if you ask me!

Although one bit of bad news, we will need a new washing machine immediately (I will be at Home Depot tomorrow).  But I left that bit of bad news behind and moved on to lunch; a Myoplex shake and a half serving of Cheerios to fuel my impending workout.

Today’s workout went GREAT!  My GPP training session lasted over 35 minutes. That is up from about 25 minutes last week.  Here are the details: (more…)

fail-owned-elephant-slide-fEver had one of these days (I think the picture says it all)?  Well, okay, my day wasn’t that bad.  However it could have been much better.  I had planned more interval training and grip strength training for today.  Yet, a combination of powerful winds, rain, and my aching shins kept me inside.

Just Another Protein Filled Day…

Well this is getting old, so I will keep it short and simple.  I had nothing but protein shakes today with the exception of six pieces of bacon for dinner tonight (alongside a 12-hour Elite protein shake).  Yup, just protein shakes and supplements.

As far as exercise goes, today was not a total bust.  Yeah, I missed out on interval training.  But my shins were aching so bad that I didn’t want to aggravate any injury the high impacting sprinting might have caused.  I thought discretion the better part of valor and settled on just working on grip strength tonight.  That being said, here is the workout I used: (more…)

Well since today is day seven, I figured it was time for a look back over the last seven days.  What have I learned?  How have things changed?  Heck, maybe you’re even asking, what is the Velocity Diet?

First, you might want to take  a look back at where I was when I started (first week measurements will be posted tomorrow).  Also you might want to check out some of my non-traditional training techniques.  You can also catch up with my experiences during the Velocity Diet by reading up on my daily posts. For those who missed them the first time around, here they are again:

All caught up?  Good.  So what have a I learned? (more…)