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I’ve been thinking about my last post for a day now and I think it would be helpful to post a list of the choices and lifestyle decisions that led me to go from 155lbs and 6% body fat to 206lbs and 26% body fat.

1. I left the fire department in 1999 and my activity level decreased significantly.  From that point on my workouts for the next several years were sporadic. RESULT= +5lbs (overall weight = 160lbs)

2. In 2000 a good friend introduced me to how to cook steak and mashed potatoes and I started eating steak and mashed potatoes all too often and consumed probably 2 to 3 portions of each since I rarely had anyone to share them with. RESULT= +5lbs (overall weight = 165lbs)

3. From 1999 – 2001 I found out one of my roommates also enjoyed professional wrestling and so we started watching both Monday Night Raw and Thursday night’s Smackdown- and chowing down on a pizza as we watched.  During the course of a show I would usually eat half a Dominoes pizza and several  bread sticks or cinnamon sticks. RESULT= +3lbs (overall weight = 168lbs) (more…)