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The Total Transformation Two-Week Challenge (Beginner)

How much could you change in two weeks if you REALLY applied yourself? How much could you change if you didn’t give in to temptation, if you pushed through obstacles, and if you went the extra mile? How much could you change if you didn’t just build your arms, but also your mind and spirit? Think about it!

Are you radically out of shape? Is your life not giving you the level of fulfillment you expect? Would you like to expand your mind, improve your body, and set your spirit free?

In this page I have attempted to present a two-week program- similar to the one I used in the beginning of my own transformation challenge. A program that benefits from the knowledge of my own mistakes and errors- mistakes made surprisingly frequently for a period of only two weeks.

In addition, you’ll find herein countless knowledge culled from years of reading insatiably about fitness and health. As always, consult a doctor before you begin any fitness regimen. I also must advise you that I am not a certified trainer and so my advice is that of a layman. That said, I hope in some small way that what I write will help you in your own fitness journey.


I have begun work on three new sections:

Two-week Total Transformation

Two-week Total Transformation 2.0

Two-week Total Transformation 3.0

These sections are my attempt to sculpt and share my knowledge into three workable plans for beginners, intermediate, and advanced folks who need a jump start in their life- mind, body, and spirit. They aren’t finished yet, but hopefully they will be soon- I think Monday.

I was tagged several days ago by Lose-weight-with-me regarding what goals I had- regarding both this fitness program and life in general. So without further adieu, here is my list of goals, broken into four categories: short term (those which can be accomplished in less than 6 months), mid-range (those which can be achieved within 1 to 3 years), long term (those that will take 5 or more years to achieve), and underlying (those which should motivate me everyday).

Short Term Goals

1) Lose another 24 lbs (reach 160lbs). This is quite doable in six months. The math says that I only need to lose 1 pound per week.

2) Decrease waist size to 30 inches. This is achievable. When accomplished I will have half a dozen pants that fit me again- finally.

3) Run a 5k. Why not? I figure it will be a good motivation technique. While I dislike running, I love winning things. I want to place first- but we shall see. At this point I would be happy to complete the course.

4) Publication. Publish at least one of the articles I am currently working on.

5) Corporate Paperwork. I want to begin the necessary paperwork to incorporate the corp. my wife and I will use to purchase and run our future farm (more details later).

Mid-Range Goals

1) Publication. At least four articles published. I would love to see at least one each in the North Carolina Historical Review and the Journal of Southern History.

2) Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. I want to stay within a range between 160 and 165 pounds; continue eating healthy and in moderately sized portions; drinking lots of water; and regularly exercising.

3) Save Money. I need to save up for the farm/charity my wife and I are planning. It will take a good amount of investment on our part- and deprivation from now until then- but it will be worth it.

Ideally the farm will act in several charitable capacities. A “kitchen” for the local poor (as we will give food items grown to local families in need [i.e. milk, eggs, fruit, etc.]). A no-kill animal shelter (dog, horse, sheep, etc.) that will also function as a program for at-risk kids- said children will work with the dogs to train them for new homes while hopefully gaining an appreciation for love and grace in their own lives.

4) Completion of my Ph.D. program.

Long Range Goals

1) Obtaining a U.S. History teaching position somewhere in North Carolina- Asheville and Wilmington preferred. University of North Carolina- at Asheville is my number one choice as far as I am concerned.

2) Organize and build the aforementioned farm (and an eco-friendly formworks home) wherever God sends me to teach- I am really hoping God chooses Asheville, NC.

3) Publish my first book. I am thinking something on slave patrols- but with an interesting twist that I will disclose later.

Underlying Goals

1) Witness to three people each week, invest time in them, invite them to three events (dinner, church, etc.), and pray for them three times a day.

2) Shun worldly desires and grow in Christ daily.

3) One hour bible study each day.

Since this is a slow day for workouts, how about some news stories from around the web.

Sharpton’s Collateral Damage

Future of Imus Charity Ranch Questioned, Deborah Baker (AP).

“Don Imus’s banishment from the public airwaves also deprives him of a critical platform to raise money for the sprawling Imus Ranch, where children with cancer and other illnesses get a taste of the cowboy life…

…Imus said he and his wife Deirdre are round-the-clock surrogate parents to the youngsters who spend a week at the property, nearly half of whom are from minority groups and 10 percent are black.”

[Someone who asked a similar question stirred up a lively debate over at “Yahoo! Answers” (See also this discussion on the same forum). For those of you unaware of Sharpton’s slash and burn (not to mention callous disregard for the truth) past see Larry Elder’s recent article. I’ll leave you to decide if Imus’s good works are of far greater worth than three words- “nappy headed hos.”

Aside: I despise this topic; however, I discuss it because the media has turned it into a major news event. I emphatically state for the record that I can’t stand Imus or his radio show.

For your perusal I have also linked to several comments on Imus’s firing.

Cowards Kick Another Piece of America’s Soul, Kinky Friedman.

“Wavy Gravy says he salutes mistakes. They’re what makes us human, he claims. And humanity beyond doubt, is what appears to be missing from this equation. If we’ve lost the ability to laugh at ourselves, to laugh at each other, to laugh together, then the PC world has succeeded in diminishing us all.”

Music Lyrics Take Spotlight During Imus Controversy, Goff and Alexander [Could also be called “The Giant Double Standard Elephant in the Room.”]

[When asked to defend a rap act where the N-word was used more than 100 times (I bet if the H word (ho) and the B word (b*tch) had been counted the tally would have been much higher) the student body president responded with the following statement- contained in the article linked above]

“Being they are a performing artist group they’re merely here to entertain us. That’s nothing serious in content, they’re here to entertain.” – Student Body President Deven Anderson.

[Imus Fired for Threatening to Reveal 9/11 Secrets?] American Radio Icon Don Imus Disgraced, Fired after Threat to Reveal 9/11 Secrets, Sorcha Faal.

“In a clear sign of its intent to reign in dissident American media personalities, and their growing influence in American culture, US War Leaders this past week launched an unprecedented attack upon one of their most politically ‘connected’, and legendary, radio hosts named Don Imus after his threats to release information relating to the September 11, 2001 attacks upon that country.”

[Is this kind of stuff supposed to be taken seriously?]

The Ten Commandments for Husbands, Doug Giles.

Thou shalt not hang out with horndogs. Hanging out with guys who hateth their wives, who loveth to indulge in the superfluity of naughtiness and who are out to convert the faithful to the Cult of Infidelity is muy goofy. Be not deceived: bad company will land thee in a strip club or an illicit affair which will causeth thou to meet with the chainsaw of Jehovah. Be afraid.”

[An excellent list of ten rules to live by that will keep us men out of most of the stupid and ridiculous situation we often find ourselves in. I also recommend my series (a new section is in the works) on living the deliberate life.]


Real Inconvenient Truths, Camille Paglia.

“However, I am a skeptic about what is currently called global warming. I have been highly suspicious for years about the political agenda that has slowly accrued around this issue. As a lapsed Catholic, I detest dogma in any area. Too many of my fellow Democrats seem peculiarly credulous at the moment, as if, having ground down organized religion into nonjudgmental, feel-good therapy, they are hungry for visions of apocalypse. From my perspective, virtually all of the major claims about global warming and its causes still remain to be proved.” [1]

[Camille hit the nail on the head. Wow.]

Biblical Liberation from Liberalism, Michael Medved.

“Leviticus 19:15 declares: ‘You shall not commit a perversion of justice: you shall not favor the poor and you shall not honor the great, with righteousness shall you judge your fellow.’… …It should, indeed, come as a revelation and a rebuke to all liberals that Holy Scripture identifies ‘favoring the poor’ as ‘a perversion of justice.'” [1]

[The religious left has really taken off in the last few years. They are making sure that Gandhi Jesus will be enshrined forever as the uber-guru of peace and love for all. If you are lucky enough to get them to admit Jesus was God (and not simply a prophet or a great man), don’t even bother trying to get them to define concepts like justice and wrath- they are anathema to their ears. They have ignored God’s justice to focus on his love. Committing as grievous an error as the legalists they parody, who make the opposite mistake.]

Al Sharpton: Nappy Headed Race Ho?, Mike Adams.

“When the present controversy broke out, I was initially confused over which part of the phrase ‘nappy headed ho’ had set Sharpton off. After all, two years ago at one of my speeches I was called a ‘Little Milky’ by a Pakistani professor at Monmouth College in Illinois. Rather than calling for her to be fired, I just made fun of her in a very public way.” [2]

[Sharpton (and his ilk) want to exploit specific, politically beneficial cases of “racist” language. After all, something has to pay for the honorable Reverend’s jogging suits and bling*.

*For all my un-hip readers, unable to keep up with slang, the term “bling-bling” has dropped the second bling to become simply “bling”.]

The Culture of “Bitches, Hos, and Niggas”, Michelle Malkin.

“The No. 1 rap track is by a new sensation who goes by the name of “Mims.” The “song” is “This Is Why I’m Hot.” It has topped the charts for the last 15 weeks. Here’s a taste of the lyrics that young men and women are cranking up in their cars:

This is why I’m hot
Catch me on the block
Every other day
Another bitch another drop
16 bars, 24 pop
44 songs, nigga gimme what you got . . .
. . . We into big spinners
See my pimping never dragged
Find me wit’ different women that you niggas never had
For those who say they know me know I’m focused on ma cream
Player you come between you’d better focus on the beam
I keep it so mean the way you see me lean
And when I say I’m hot my nigga dis is what I mean.” [3]

[Where is the collective outrage about this garbage? Why do many academics teach classes on this garbage and defend it as a valid expression of ghetto angst? Where are the demonstrations and marches? I guess there is too much money involved for all- producers and performers alike.]

The Nancy Pelosi School of Freeland Diplomacy, Don Feder.

Hi, I’m Nancy Pelosi, and I’m not only speaker of the House of Representatives (my day job), I’m also the founder and president of The Nancy Pelosi Famously Inept School of Free-Lance Diplomacy.

We can give you the training and tools you need to become a famously inept free-lance diplomat – just like Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter and me!

You don’t have to be the president, secretary of state or an ambassador to engage in free-lance diplomacy. You don’t even need half a brain – as my recent trip to the Middle East demonstrates.

All that’s required is an entrenched naiveté, an unshakable faith in the good will of tyrants and terrorists and a dogmatic adherence to a leftist worldview. We can supply the rest — as well as teaching you how to say “pass the humus” in Arabic and Farsi. [4]

[Where do I sign up?]


Following some advice I got earlier, I limited myself today to some light yard work and a half day of subbing.  Both went well, although I was a bit dizzy by the end of the day. 

I will try to put together a respectable post for tomorrow.  I am thinking along the lines of, “What is the most important question a Christian can ask himself/herself?”  See you then.

What do you do to kill time and make money until you start your Ph.D. program?  Answer, substitute teaching.  It is kinda like babysitting except without the being able to watch T.V. and fall asleep on the couch part.  Oh, and there are 30 something kids constantly asking you questions and trying to trick you into letting them do things they know they aren’t allowed to do.

Oh, I miss the days of yesterweek, when we could afford a lifestyle of me staying home all week and writing.  I look forward to my retirement now so much more.

P.S. I even had to wear a tie.  I so don’t like those things!