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Here is the pictorial record of a long, wonderful, sunny Saturday.

Nothing beats a nice slippery slide on a sunny Saturday…. (more…)

The sequence from mean to super happy.  BTW, the picture had to be cut in size substantially to fit as a thumbnail.  It used to include the family cat, which my daughter had humiliated by adorning said feline with all of her princess jewelry.

mean face happier face happiest face

And my favorite, a day at the beach.


It was overcast but a comfortable 70 degrees.  The water was another story!  Freezing cold or not, she was incredibly scared of the ocean and the waves.  I expected as much considering it was her first time at the beach.  Maybe after a few more visits she will get her feet wet.

Remember the pictures?  In case you forgot, here they are again…

“Before” 1/6/08 End of Competition Photo

Now here are the numbers.  Be warned, some are pitiful, some are good, and some are shockingly awesome.  I am particularly proud of the muscle growth numbers for my shoulders, arms, and legs.

Weight: Then 178.2

Now: 179.9 lbs


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So instead of posting the photos here, I’ve added them to the sidebar of my other (much more controversial and politically incorrect) blog.  Just check out the right hand column.

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New Sasha Pictures!!!

Posted: November 1, 2007 in child, children, happiness, Pictures

Sasha Pictures

Gosh she is so adorable!

I would post them here but I am running out of space.  Well, okay, he is one picture…DO!  Okay, it won’t let me post it as a thumbnail.  Darn WordPress!  Well guess you’ll have to cruise over to MySpace.

Well about two weeks ago (yeah, I know it took me a while to post on this) my wife, my daughter, and I took a trip to the local zoo. It was fun times for all, especially her. However the ride home was not fun times for all as she was about 5 hours overdue for her daily nap. But still, in balance the day was pretty awesome, terrific, and even stupendous.

Me and Sasha at the Zoo

The above picture is great, but WordPress refuses to let me post it as a thumbnail. So sorry, you guys will need to click the link.


funny pose  140584-r1-16-16_017.jpgcute-face.jpg

Sasha got to make pies out of sand, paint a big papier-mache animal of some sort, meet a live possum (as opposed to the dead ones she sees all the time on the road), have a gas can thrown at her by a playful gorilla, learn that brand name hot dogs aren’t all that tasty, push some older boys around who were dumb enough to push her out of the way, and watch an ostrich do a really weird dance.

Crazy Ostrich

Click on the link and see for yourself.

BTW, this was an excellent workout. The zoo follows a 5 mile path. I walked about 7.5 miles or more that day.

The picture on top is my February to May collage, the picture below it is from today (October 7th).  Any progress?  Well you guys decide and let me know.  I am a bit disappointed and expected more progress by now.


new pic OCT

So what do you think?