A happy New Year to all those who still scramble up the crag that is this old worn out blog to view my inconsistent (and sometimes incoherent) fitness ramblings.   I know you are expecting me to talk about how I resolve to post more to this blog over the coming year, but actually I don’t.  I plan on posting more and I expect to be more active than I have been the past year or two, but it isn’t on the top of my to-do list.  I was putting too much stress on keeping this blog up and anxiety was getting the better of me.  I hope that with a more relaxed attitude I can better keep up with this blog, minus the stress and anxiety.

So what are my resolutions?  Before I get to that I should note that experience has tempered my firm belief in specific goals.  They are great until you reach them.  Then what?  A new goal?  Where is the joy in that?  Instead, it is better to find general guidelines for how life should be lived, live by them, and reap the rewards as they come.   No more stress or pressure to hit specific numbers.  I will take my victories as they come.

So the question is changed to what are my guidelines and how do I plan on implementing them.  I answered that question by creating three general guidelines, short enough to remember, but broad enough to allow for a considerable amount of change in the life of myself and my family.  I have termed these “Family Commitments” as they impact both myself and my family.  However, because of their dual nature I will refer to them interchangeably as family and individual commitments, depending on the context.

The three primary commitments are:

  1. Keep God first in all things
  2. Eat fresh and be active
  3. Buy less, throw out more, and organize what we keep

These three commitments hit on the big four: mind, body, spirit, and wallet.   Commitment 1 will keep us spiritually balanced and aids us in keeping commitments 1 and 2.  Commitment 2 will keep us healthy and aids us in keeping commitments 1 and 3.  Commitment 3 will keep our bad spending habits (and my tendency to hoard things) in check, and reinforce commitments 1 and 2.

Now how do I turn these three broad commitments into a plan of action?  Like this:

    Keep God First!
  1. Establish an individual Bible Study (http://www.torahclass.com/old-testament-studies) (ACCOMPLISHED)
  2. Establish a Family Bible Study
  3. Establish both an individual and family prayer time
  4. Be more consistent in praying with Sasha after her bedtime story.

    Eat Fresh and Be Active!

  1. Sign up for Carolina Grown service (distributor of local organic and/or sustainable agriculture products). (ACCOMPLISHED)
  2. Keep up with stretching- work up to full splits (twice a day, six days a week)
  3. Get back into walking/sprinting/etc.
  4. Get back to my breathing exercises to manage stress (twice a day or as needed)
  5. Look into backyard greenhouses
  6. Look into indoor dwarf fruit trees (cherries, bananas, oranges) (http://www.directgardening.com/detail.asp?ProductID=1289&nav=hpshttp://www.directgardening.com/detail.asp?ProductID=6202http://www.directgardening.com/detail.asp?ProductID=1115)

    Buy Less, Throw out more, and Organize What we Keep!
  1. Purchase all food and discretionary spending items with cash
  2. Check the Coupon Game website (for all our supplemental grocery spending) (Check on coupons for organic and other healthy foods http://frugalliving.about.com/od/foodsavings/tp/Organic_Coupons.htm Remember the Dirty Dozen: peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, lettuce, imported grapes, pears, spinach, potatoes. THESE MUST be purchased as organics.
  3. Begin a program of house cleaning that goes room-by-room, closet-by-closet.
  4. When completed with above, begin to renovate each room of the house (2-3 months per room).
  5. Obtain a second trash can from the trash company for backyard trash and excess trash from house cleaning and small renovations. (ACCOMPLISHED).

Now I know I said I have soured on specific goals, but it doesn’t mean I have entirely chucked them out the window.  The overall guideline is more important than any of the goals listed underneath it.  They are malleable and easily changed.  For example, while the goal is cleaning and renovating each room in our home at a rate of one room per three months, the main goal will remain to buy less, throw out more, and organize what we keep.  That way when room renovations are done we can easily keep going with out plan to declutter our home and liberate ourselves from debt.

See you tomorrow with more information on how this all will unfold.

  1. Physical and debt decluttering is really important, good luck this year in achieving your goals!

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