13 Days and All is Well

Posted: September 8, 2010 in alternate day diet, Me
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Well my first two weeks are almost up.  I am definitely happy with the results!  After 13 days I have dropped from 191 to 184 pounds.  My arms, leg, shoulder, etc. measures have stayed the same so I am confident I’ve lost very little, if any muscle mass.  My waist measure has dropped from 38+ inches to 36.5 inches (2 inches!).  My old shorts finally fit again and my old t-shirts no longer make me look like a pork roast wrapped in kitchen twine.  I will probably post some pictures in a couple of weeks or whenever I get back down to 170 (whichever comes first).

How do I feel?  I feel healthy, happy, and a lot more energetic.  I was really worried about fast days going into this program, but I was shocked how easy they could be with the right kind of foods and fiber available throughout the day (miso soup is awesome!).  On my fast days I am incredibly productive as I have both increased energy AND I can spend the time I would normally spend prepping meals getting work done. Also, my workouts on my up days feel like someone flipped a “turbo charge” button to the on position.  I wear myself out during workouts, but after I feel energized and refreshed.  I also am recovering more quickly from exercise, and for the first time I’ve been able to do well on a split schedule workout routine (A.M. and P.M. workouts on the same day, three times a week).

What’s next?  Well I can keep going with my down days at 500 calories, or I can move up to a maintenance regimen where my down days would allow me to eat 50-70% of my required caloric intake.  I will make that decision tomorrow.  I am leaning toward staying with 500 calorie down days, but incorporating one “moderate” day of 50-70% caloric intake (probably Saturday).

I will probably post a break down of a ridiculous hit piece the (UK) Guardian  put out not-so-long ago about the Alternate Day Diet.  Needless to say it was a piece of journalistic trash that I wouldn’t even dignify by saying it was of a sufficient level of quality to be used as toilet paper.

  1. Mary Price says:

    Congradulations on losing the weight! Seems that you are determined and will likely keep it off.

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