The Double Down Workout

Posted: August 29, 2010 in fitness, health, Weight loss
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Not that kind of Double Down...I wish.

One of the things you might be asking as you’ve read my last few posts about the Alternate Day Diet, is how I plan on working out on 500 calories a day.  The simple answer is, I don’t.  Aside from a short walk I don’t plan on exercising on my down days.  Well, what am I going to do since I used to work out 6-8 times a week?

Solution: I plan on doubling down on my workouts on my up days.  Getting up early enough to do an A.M. workout and then, in the afternoon or evening, fitting in a P.M. workout.   It worked well yesterday.  Yesterday morning I woke my family up early and we drove over to the public park.  Once there, like a kid at Christmas time, I opened up my Universal Strength Apparatus (U.S.A.) and did a 25 minute workout.  I didn’t write it down since my goal was a more about experimenting with the options and limits of the U.S.A. then it was about a conventional workout.  However, I can list some of the exercises I was able to do with the U.S.A.:

Suspension push up, reverse row, flyes, reverse flyes, hang & twist, knee-tucks, Y-lifts, single-arm chest press, kickbacks, bicep curls, and one-legged squats.

It was fun, exciting, and new.  I am already looking forward to my next bodyweight workout.

After a nice calorie recharging lunch, snack, and dinner I went outside and did a H.I.T. station workout. I set my workout timer for 30 sets of  15 seconds activity, 20 seconds rest.  I set up several stations (heavy bag, jump rope, sledge-hammer, cone drills, etc.).  Once again I didn’t write this one down, I just went from station to station, trying not to do any two stations twice in a row- with the exception of sledgehammer drills,  which I counted separately for each dominant arm.   Most of the workout cycled heavy bag then jump rope then one of the other exercises (listed above).  I worked up a HUGE sweat (I mean drenched, like I had just walked through a monsoon).  I definitely have no complaints about yesterday.


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