Posted: August 27, 2010 in fitness, Me, Weight loss

Today I am heading out for my annual physical, which in the past has been a not-so-annual event.  I will be getting some blood drawn so I can find out my cholesterol numbers and such.  It will be interesting to see where I stand health wise before I begin this new fitness and weight loss experiment.  It also works out nicely since I have to fast for the blood work and I am starting the Alternate Day Diet on a down day anyway (480 calories to spread around for the whole day).

I am already plotting out my meals for the day.  I am thinking two protein shakes (240 calories), an apple (80 calories). a couple bowls of miso soup with extra seaweed (70 calories), and maybe some broccoli (40 calories) and cucumber (10 calories) to top it off.  I might add some tofu cubes to my miso soup as well.

The good news is that an up day is never more than a day away!  So when Saturday comes I can eat what I want, when I want, within reason.  But there will definitely NOT be any calorie counting on Saturday.  To really push the claims of this diet to its limits I am thinking of having a nice big juicy hamburger on a sesame seed bun tomorrow.

Then again I guess I should share my plans for this experiment.  The first two weeks I will push the author’s claim to their max.  I will stay at or below 480 calories on my down days, but I will eat whatever I want on my up days (within reason- no binging) .  And by whatever I want I am mainly referring to the fact that I won’t eat like I am scared of whole grains and other forms of bread and pasta.   My mouth is already salivating thinking of eating pasta covered in olive oil sauce……yummmmmm.

Then, the next two weeks I will still stay strictly on the 480 calories down day regime, but this time I will eat paleo style on my up days.  So the breads and pastas will be off the menu and it will be back to meat, eggs, veggies, and fruit.

Wish me luck as I go to the doctor’s office today.


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