When Computers Are a Metaphor for Life…

Posted: August 24, 2010 in health, life, my life
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Garbage in, Garbage Out….

My computer died a horrible death today thanks to a computer virus/spyware that I most likely picked up from Facebook game applications.  That sucks!  Not just because I lost my computer, but because I lost my computer due to meaningless, pointless, point-and-click Facebook game drudgery.  The virtual equivalent of computer junk food for my brain (and PC)– e-crap.  And just like when I shovel my body full of crappy food and spend a lot of time idle, my computer suffered.  It’s performance declined considerably until it died.  Not a pleasant thought.

Odd part though.  How did I react to this stress.  By that I mean the stress of losing my computer on the first day of classes and I am teaching an ONLINE class!!!  Well I responded by downing about half a dozen sugar cookies my wife and daughter baked last night; cookies I wouldn’t have eaten if I wasn’t stressed out beyond belief today.  I also skipped lunch and my afternoon protein shake and downed a pretty unhealthy dinner as well.  But to be fair, I hadn’t fully digested the lesson of this whole situation until an hour or so ago.  That was when, much like Doc from Back to the Future, I banged my head on the desk while installing the new computer.  Instead of coming up with the idea for a flux capacitor, I suddenly realized the important lesson I laid out for you above.  Garbage in, Garbage out, isn’t just for computer geeks.  It is a good policy for all of us as well when it comes to our health.

Now all of this is kind of silly since, of course, I knew this before.  But after the hit to my wallet and pride, the lesson has been burned even deeper into my psyche.  I won’t soon forget it.  I also won’t be playing any Facebook games anytime soon.  So many lessons learned.

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