It’s Like Starting All Over Again…

Posted: August 19, 2010 in fitness, health, life, Me, my life, weight
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I must be the world’s worst blogger.  Nary a peep out of me for months on end.  But the truth is, the last several months weren’t so great health wise.  Stuck with terribly painful wisdom teeth, attempting to come in sideways into the teeth in front of them, I was in misery.  A horrible distracting misery.  Without dental coverage and the funds to pay for that kind of thing, I suffered in silence (although I did complain to my wife).  But working out was the furthest thing from my mind, and when I tried to work out I found myself distracted by the pain.  I let everything go to heck: I stopped exercising,  I stopped eating healthy.  Worse than that, some days I ate like a glutton.

The result of my months of sloth and gluttony?  My waist is back up to 39 inches and I weigh 192 pounds.  I am so out of shape I get winded running up the driveway.  My belly jiggles when I brush my teeth.  This is SO uncool!

I am taking some big steps to get back on track.


  1. Back to protein shakes between meals.
  2. Back to eating 6 meals a day (about 2-3 hours between meals and snacks).
  3. A return to reasonable portion sizes (no second helpings- or third helpings)
  4. More veggies, meats, and fruit, and less processed grains and junk food
  5. Almost ZERO dining out.


  1. Back to the weights
  2. Back to outdoor training
  3. Possibly signing up for Brazilian Jujitsu training
  4. Two weeks of acclimating my body to training again (splitting indoor and outdoor (non-traditional) workouts), followed by split day workouts (AM and PM)
  5. More active rest (playing with the dog, running with Sasha, etc.)

I am going into this with a plan.  I think I also have the motivation to stick with this plan.  I am tired of seeing my belly jiggle in the mirror.  I am even more tired of feeling tired and exhausted thanks to an excess of carbs and processed foods and a lack of exercise.

  1. Erin says:

    This may be incredibly late, but did you ever compete in Ninja Warrior?

  2. Not yet. Every time I’ve been close I have either suffered a financial or health setback that kept me from traveling and competing.

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