Breaking the Scale that Binds…

Posted: April 20, 2010 in fat, fitness, health, life, Me, my life, weight, Weight loss

Well it was bound to happen, I got frustrated with my scale.  So I decided to just pitch it  and ignore the scale for the next 30-days. Really, I would have loved to do to my scale what Peter and the guys from Office Space did to that obnoxious printer/fax machine, but my wife would be angry since we paid for the scale and she likes to use it- so I am stuck with metaphorical retaliation.  No more weigh-ins until May 20th.  I am stuck at around 194 or so lbs.  Where will I be in  30 days?  No clue.  Hopefully nowhere near 194 lbs since that weight is most definitely an unhealthy weight for my body- plus at that weight only 20% of my pants fit 😦

  1. Neil says:

    I think it is good to skip the scale. Given your workouts you could add muscle and lose fat and the raw weight could be deceiving. I’d focus on eating a little less, eating a little healthier and exercising a little more, then gauge how you look and feel.

  2. eggplantinspace says:

    I know exactly how you feel.
    I have linked your blog, and will keep my eye out on your progress. Good luck

  3. Doug says:

    The bathroom mirror is a pretty good indicator of body composition.

    If you step out of the shower and have to avert your eyes…it’s time to drop some lbs.

  4. Out of my own experience, I must say that I have become satisfied with my weight only after I stopped worrying about it. Before this I’d has quite as lot of problems. so, the best option is relax and pay attention to what you’re eating. Besides, don’t eat after 6 pm. It always helps.

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