Total Transformation Relaunch

Posted: March 23, 2010 in fitness, health, life, Me, my life, weight, weight lifting, Weight loss
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Over the last several months I’ve lost focus and struggled to stay on top of various issues in my life.  I thought that given the circumstances this would be a good time to return the accountability of regular (or at least semi-consistent) blogging.  A couple things you might read about on this blog over the next month or two:

(1) Getting back to a routine of disciplined exercise and nutrition.  Various injuries have frustrated me and caused me to ignore training; and when I ignore training it usually also ignore any semblance of healthy eating (I’m talking about you cookies and Pringles).

(2) Getting back in Ninja Warrior shape.  I was pretty close to my goal a year ago, but such is no longer the case.    My waist line has ballooned back up to 38.5 inches and my weight is around 192 (OUCH!).  My energy has flat-lined and my neck and shoulder are still hurting from a snow shoveling injury from February.  But over the last few weeks (and with the help of muscle relaxers) the pain is finally beginning to decline.

(3)  Getting back to eating healthy will be difficult as my budget is now tighter than it was before.  With a budget of $65/week for groceries I can’t afford as many Myoplex shakes and protein bars as I used to.  I will have to be more creative and plan my meals better.

I will start getting back on track when my feet hit the floor tomorrow.  Taking this day-by-day, week-by-week, I hope to get back to where I was a year ago…if not even further.

  1. Frank Dobner says:

    You will be back. It does not take money to lose weight. A bag of baby carrots is $1.19 at Aldi. 70% of weight loss is determine by diet. Focus on that.

  2. ivanskie says:

    your posts are awesome. it really is difficult to lose weight, what with all the temptations around us. i was struggling with losing around 30 lbs., at 195 lbs. i found a new great and healthy way to do it.

    but hey, your site and your posts are really interesting. easy and jolly reading.

    id keep coming back for more.

    in case you or your readers are wondering how i deal with losing weight, i would recommend they have really great insight on how to lose or gain weight the healthy way.

    i discovered them just recently and they actually make sense. 🙂

    anyway, thank you for making my day a bit brighter. ill keep on reading!

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