A Perfect Way to Start the Day (and the Year)…

Posted: January 1, 2010 in fitness, health, life, Me, weight, Weight loss
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The breakfast of champions, the protein shake.   But not just any protein shake, Elite 12-hour, which is in my opinion the best protein shake on the market (NOTICE: I am NOT being paid to say that).  Throw in a handful of wild grown frozen blue berries and you’ve got yourself an anti-oxidant rich, protein dense meal.  And for lunch today: grilled lamb, tomato, and onions with a bit of Worcester-shire sauce.   Probably a protein bar, an apple, and a pear somewhere in there and cap it all off with some chicken breast and veggies.

As far as activity goes this lingering cold/sinus infection isn’t making that easy.  I am keeping it to a minimum today with 30 minutes on the Wii fit plus (mostly yoga) and lots of stretching.  Hopefully the next couple of days will see this sinus infection pack up its bags of mucus and split town.

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