P1010550Well let’s just say the meeting didn’t go all that well.  With only three thirty second holds (two of which I was barely able to accomplish), I have to say this was much harder than expected.  I had no problem pressing the bar, and could hold it up for a few seconds with minimal difficulty, but THEN the water started really moving around in that 10 foot long pipe and it was all trying to keep it from tipping from there on out. 

After my workout I can honestly say, I trained muscles I didn’t even know existed in my core.  Especially some muscles back by my kidneys that are really sore.  OUCH!  I am looking forward to seeing how much I can improve by this Sunday (the next time I plan on picking up the slosh pipe).

  1. […] Original post by totaltransformation […]

  2. Matt says:

    I have some great videos on the sloshpipe for when you are looking to go beyond!

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