A New Fitness Toy Made of PVC Pipe…

Posted: June 22, 2009 in ninja warrior, ninja warrior workout
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Allow me to introduce you to my little big friend.  This is my new workout toy (and the first of several I plan on making in different shapes and sizes).  I will call it a hydro-bar.  The design is simple: PVC pipe + water = hydro bar.  Allow me to guide you through the process…

The process is simpe enough…

(1) cap off one end of the PVC pipe with plenty of glue and some caulk…

(2) fill PVC pipe with water…

(3) cap off other end of PVC pipe with plenty of glue and some caulk.

This particular pipe in 10 feet long and 4 inches in diameter.  It is about 85% filled with water.  I would estimate it weights between 125 and 150 lbs (or at least it feels that way thanks to the water sloshing around inside).  I took it for a test drive and should have some pics up i a couple days of some exercises that involve the hydro bar.

BTW, if you are thinking of making your own, here are the details on cost.  4″ PVC pipe runs about 9 bucks for 10 feet (it was the only size they sold at my local Home Depot), the caps run about 7 bucks a piece, and the piece in the middle (which I had to buy because I couldn’t fit a 10 foot pipe in my car) cost about 2 bucks.  Total cost, about $24.  I was able to use a Home Depot gift certificate to pay for most of it.

  1. DR says:

    Hydro Bar / Slosh Pipe….whatever you call it, you’re in for a very interesting workout.

    When I built mine, I fitted one end with a threaded plug so that I could empty the water if needed – makes it lighter/easier for transport

    Looking forward to hearing about your 1st workout with the pipe

  2. John says:

    That thing just looks maaaaaaaaaad. I gonna get me some pipe and tools out this weekend. What exercises dou do with ‘it?’

  3. Sky is the limit John. I do wood chops, one arm press, shoulder press, lift and hold (harder than you could even imagine once that water gets moving), front squats, one arm lift and press. I would advise planning for about two-three different sizes (4 inch diameter for each) ranging from 4 feet (for curls and such) to 6 and 8 foot for more challenging lifts. I’ve seen more complex plans than mine that include an piece of PVC in the middle that allows you to open and close your pipe so you can add or subtract water as necessary. I will probably go that route next time around.

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