Back in the Game…

Posted: May 8, 2009 in weight, Weight Fat Loss, weight gain loss, Weight loss, weight loss for men
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Well it’s been a long, busy, and sometimes depressing semester.  I never stopped training (except for those two weeks I was sick as a dog), but I did stop managing how I ate.  I will spare your eyes a current photo before the page break, but it ain’t pretty. To make matters worse I went to see X-men Origins; suffice it to say seeing Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds made me feel SO ashamed of my piggish ways.

So if you have the heart for it, the pic from yesterday is below the break.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


So I’m back in the game and back to healthy eating.  It is a matter of honor now.

  1. WHUUU????????? I think you look AWESOME!! YOU’re very inspiring!!

  2. BTW, this pose was not intentional. I handed the camera to my daughter to take a picture of me laying in the dinosaurs mouth and I couldn’t tell if she was taking the picture or not. So I had just sat up to get the camera and she snapped this picture.

  3. Matt Baldwin says:

    Dude you look pretty good compared to your earlier, “before” pictures. Be nice to yourself! It’s hard to stay focused, especially as a parent. What can I say about that? I’ve been really focused for the past 17 weeks (in spite of MY hard semester) but, it’s a miracle that I haven’t strayed more, what with the stresses of life and being a parent to a 2 year old. I guess the best thing I could say is: stay focused and present. Worry only about how you’ll handle the very next temptation, the very next meal, the very next workout (Matt 6:34). And then do it right. Do the next meal/workout/parenting session right, then be nice to yourself, and do the next one right too. Etc.

  4. lifelemons says:

    Glad to see you’re back!

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