What I Learned During the Velocity Diet Experiment: Part 1…

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1. Caffeine. I was able to stop drinking caffeinated beverages! Before I started the diet, ever since college, I can remember always hitting an energy lull in the middle of the day. I used to respond to this lull in energy by taking a nap or vegging out in front of the T.V. However, since day one of the Velocity Diet I’ve been alert and energized all day! The mid-day lull disappeared that very first day. I didn’t need caffeinated beverages to counteract the effects of the carb filled breakfasts and lunches that made me tired and lethargic. I cut down from a diet soda or two a day (to keep me awake) to one a week (just as something to enjoy with a cheat meal).

2. Workouts. I’ve worked out harder during this diet than at any point since high school wrestling practice. I’ve hit tires with sledgehammers, flipped over tires that weight 100s of pounds, and done back to back workouts with no rest days in between (from GPP training to weight room training). Yet, I’ve felt good the whole time.

  • Exception: At first I found it hard to workout with so few carbs in my system. As a matter of fact I crashed during one of my first workouts.
  • The Solution: I included some solid food pre-workout. Nothing big. Just a slice of 100% whole wheat toast with half a serving of all natural peanut butter (NO added sugars) and 100% natural jam (NO added sugars). The whole thing was about 150 calories and maybe 20g of carbs. But it got me through my workout and kept me from passing out.

3. Plateaus.  Far too often fat loss plateaus frustrate us and get us off track.  Instead, I began to see them over the last month as an opportunity to excel and experiment.

  • What I Learned about Plateaus: A body pushed too far for too long will rebel and your metabolism will catch up with you.   So when I hit a sticking point on the scale for three days or more, I had a plan.  If I had completed an intense HIT session the day before I would take the day as a cheat day, rest, eat a decent meal (for example, a 14oz steak and broccoli with a small serving of rice).  By the next day I had usually dropped a  significantly amount of fat.

To be continued

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