Day 16: And the Strange Disappearance of Day 15…

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challengesDay 15 came and went.  Not to make excuses, but it was about 9 degrees outside and my heater was broken.  I ended up spending the day huddled up in front of the portable heater reading a book.  I figured I would just do some grip strength training and call it a day.  However, I ended up forgetting about the grip strength training.

Needless to say I woke up pretty mad at myself- as it had dawned on me that I forgot to train the day before.  So today I exacted a little extra punishment on my body in the form of GPP training in 20 degree weather.  I even included a new exercise that made me almost scream in agony.

Today’s workout was excrutiatingly simple.  The program included 3 sessions seperated by five minutes of rest.  Each session included 5 exercises.  The first session was composed of two minutes of exercise followed by 60 seconds of rest.  The second session had only two minutes of exercise with half the rest time (30 seconds).  The last session was an even one minute on, one minute off.  Here are the details:


  • Session I
  • Sledgehammer Training: 3 minutes/60 seconds rest
  • Tire Flipping: 3 minutes/60 seconds rest
  • Tire Drag: 3 minutes/60 seconds rest
  • Squats: 3 minutes (divided into 1 minute sandbag squats and 2 minutes one-legged squats)/60 seconds rest
  • Sandbag Press: 3 minutes/5 minutes rest
  • Session II
  • Sledgehammer Training: 2 minutes/30 seconds rest
  • Tire Flipping: 2 minutes/30 seconds rest
  • Tire Drag: 2 minutes/30 seconds rest
  • Squats: 2 minutes (one-legged squats with a plyometric jump at the end of each movement)/30 seconds rest
  • Sandbag Press: 2 minutes/5 minutes rest
  • Session III
  • Sledgehammer Training: 1 minute/60 seconds rest
  • NEW EXERCISE: Tire Drag Bear Crawl: 2 minutes/60 seconds rest.  This was a pretty grueling exercise.  Simply start with the tire at the bottom of a hill, throw in a cinder block for added resistance, throw the harness over one shoulder, then get down into the bear crawl position and drag the tire up hill by bear crawling on your hands and feet.
  • Tire Flipping: 1 minute/60 seconds rest
  • Sandbag Press: 1 minute (This time I didn’t pick the bag up each time, instead I simply kept it in the air and did a combined press, tricep press movement).

This was tough!  My back is aching right now, although the heating pad pressed up agianst my lower back at this moment is helping quite a bit.

You know what.  Despite the pain each of these workouts, there are few things that compare to the drastic energy boost you feel post workout!  I feel like I could go scale a ten story business and then run a marathon.

Last, to update you on the velocity diet experience.  I started the day with the usual 12-hour protein shake and some milled flax seed.  For a snack I had another 12-hour protein shake.  For lunch, pre-workout, I had a Myoplex shake and even had a McDonald’s burger sans the bun (90 calories, 7g fat, 8g protein).  For some energy pre-workout I had one slice of 100% whole wheat toast with 1/2 a serving of all natural peanut butter and 100% fruit organic jam.  Post-workout I downed my anti-oxidant drink and a Myoplex light shake.  The rest of the day will consist of protein shakes and some protein pudding for a night time snack.

Oh, and one last thing.  I have an idea for a healthy protein pudding pie that could taste as good as pudding pie in a graham cracker crust.  I am thinking some of the milled flax seed mixed with the 12-hour protein powder and some butter for the crust might actually work.  I will give it a try later this week and see how it turns out.  Ideally, I would like a substitute for the butter, but I don’t think I will find one that works.  If anyone knows of one, feel free to make a suggestion below.

  1. MizFit says:

    love the pie notion. could smart balance work and at least toss in some omega 3s?

  2. DR says:

    How about good old fashioned lard?

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