me-and-my-tireWell, the day has finally arrived.  A giant tire, which was previous trash lying around in an open field, is now in my possession.  It weighs about 125-200lbs.  I’m not entirely sure yet, but I’ll check tomorrow or Monday.

I got lucky and posted an “item wanted” ad on Craig’s List.  The guy actually had two of these.  Lucky me, eh?

Well what can I say about today? Well I had all protein shakes today with the exception of one meal.  Since a friend helped us pick up the tire, we had him and his family over for dinner.  We ordered pizza for everyone.  As my cheat meal and in celebration of the arrival of my long awaited tire I indulged in a piece of veggie pizza (and a relatively small one at that).  Otherwise, I can honestly say it’s been all protein shakes, milled flax seed, and supplements for me.

Well I am off to get plenty of sleep so I can flip this tire tomorrow.

  1. AndrewE says:

    It’s not everyday you see someone that excited about a tyre!

  2. Israel says:

    Awe sucky sucky now! I have been wanting one too! Now I am gonna go hit up craigslist to see if I can get one. I have a 100 lb tree trunk that I mess around with.

  3. Mandy says:

    A couple of areas that need serious trimming are groceries and eating out. I am the primary grocery shopper, and I spend way too much. That’s because I don’t plan our meals, carefully monitor coupons, shop around for the best prices or base my trip on a budget. I just buy whatever I feel like, I make multiple trips throughout the week, and I use coupons very infrequently. It’s easy for me to spend $250, even $300 a week on groceries. Yikes!

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