Some of my Non-Traditional Training Methods During the Velocity Diet Experiment…

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Here are a few of the exercises that will get me through the Velocity Diet experiment…


Hit the tire with everything you've got!

First, sledgehammer training.  There is nothing like the feeling of wielding that 8, 10, or 12 pound hammer over and over again into the tire to get the blood pumping.  When all is said and done, the next day your lats, back, and arms will be aching all over.

Hands down, this is the toughest and the best exercise I’ve ever endured.


Use both your arms and your back.

With a long enough chain and my butt planted firmly to the ground, the tire drag is a great substitute for

rows.  The tire is big enough that I can fit at least two cinder blocks inside it for added resistance.


There is no way to do this and look cool at the same time- my superhero outfit aside.

If I get tired of using my arms to drag the tire, with a piece of rope tied around my waist (I am working on a harness that goes over my shoulders) connected to a chain, which of course is connected to the tire, I can drag this tire all around my driveway and back yard.  It ain’t as hard as pulling cars, but you’ve got to crawl before you walk.


Gosh these hurt when you do them at the end of your routine.

Tire dragging takes a lot out of you.  So that makes it a perfect time for the old standby exercise that never fails- the push-up.  A push-up off of anything is always a good option.  I love to throw in a couple sets of push-ups between sledgehammer training drills.



If your triceps feel neglected, then pull up a cinder block and perform some dips.

These old tires are such versatile things.  Notice my form is a bit off since I placed the block a bit too far away.  So be careful, don’t make the same mistake.  It still worked my triceps quite well though.  😉


I hate staging these photos. The darn camera didn't work so I had to hold the bag voer my head for about 30-45 seconds. Not fun!

Lastly, the sandbag is a very versatile thing as well.  You can shoulder them, press them (shown to the right), and even throw the bag behind your shoulders and perform a good fireman’s carry squat.  I especially love the part of the exercise at the end of each rep where I drive the bag forcefully to the ground.  It is a great way to get out any anger or stress!

All of these exercises combined, and several more not shown here, will get me through the next four weeks.  I can’t wait to see what the combination of intense training and extreme diet can do.  As always, you will see the results shortly after I do.  FYI, there will be before and after pictures.

  1. DR says:

    I AM JEALOUS!!!!!

    That looks like so much fun….Except for the part about holding the sandbag over your head for 45 seconds waiting for the camera to flash.

  2. I’d be afraid of that sledge bouncing off of the tire and cracking my coconut!

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