p1010040Well aside from the problem I mentioned yesterday continuing into today, today went quite well.  That isn’t to say that the day was easy.  It most certainly wasn’t!  But contrary to what many of you think (I know this since I’ve received quite a few emails) I am not experiencing a severe hunger for carbs.  However, I have, based on a talk with my personal trainer, made a slight adjustment to the Velocity Diet.

I was quite unsettled by the severe crash I experienced mid-workout two days ago.  My trainer suggested I incorporated a meal with no more than 30-50 carbs pre-workout.  Based on that suggestion I consumed a PB & J sandwich about 30 minutes prior to today’s GPP training session- but I am getting ahead of myself.

Today: Gearing up for GPP Training Over 20 Minutes Long

I felt good this morning, although I did sleep in a bit.  I began the day at 9 a.m. with a 12-hour Elite protein shake mixed with milled flax (hereafter referred to as Mifl- wait, maybe another abbreviation would be better).   We were in a rush out the door to get to church, so I took that shake to go.

A bit of interesting news to report. My wife and I teach Sunday school at church from 9:15-10:45 a.m. and then attend service until around noon.  Usually I am so worn down from playing with about 6 or 7 kids that I can barely keep my head up during church.  Today was quite different.  My energy level was consistent throughout the first half of the day, and as a matter of fact, I was quite fidgety during church due to all the extra energy.  I was 100% alert and awake for this sermon.

Around noon, during the last twenty or so minutes of the sermon, I sipped an EAS Myoplex original shake and some benefiber water.  In addition, I arranged with a friend from church to go pick up a 6 foot tractor tire- good for tire flipping- next weekend.  (Aside: I am extremely happy about the prospect of having this huge piece of rubber trash in my backyard).

When we got home I enjoyed a little daddy daughter time with Sasha watching the Miami Dolphins get their behinds whooped, as I indulged in a pre-workout snack- a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  As usual the sandwich was composed of 100% natural and organic products.  No junk, no high fructose corn syrup, 100% whole wheat, etc.  About 30 minutes later I went in the yard with 20 lbs of metal chain over my shoulder (the harness for my tire sled), a 60 lb sand bag, a 10 lb sledge hammer, and a big container of water.  It reminded me of my days in the fire department carrying almost 100 lbs of equipment on my back; although this time I was lucky enough not to be in a smoky building.

This workout was tough.  Here are the details:

Section 1

  • Warm-up: Jumping Jacks: 50
  • Sledgehammer Training: 2 minutes (REST 1)
  • Fireman’s Carry Squats: 2 minutes (REST 1)
  • Sandbag Lift and Press: 2 minutes (REST 1)
  • Push-ups w/ feet up on tire: 25 reps (rest 30 seconds), 10 reps (rest 30 seconds), 1 long negative (REST 1)
  • Tire Sled Drag: 2:45 seconds (REST 1)
  • Dips: 20 reps (rest 30 seconds), 15 reps
  • REST 5 Minutes

Section 2

  • Sledgehammer Training: 30 seconds/90 seconds rest
  • Fireman’s Carry Squat: 30 seconds/90 seconds rest
  • Sandbag Lift and Shoulder: 30 seconds/90 seconds rest
  • Push-ups: 15 reps (right hand up on tire), 12 reps (left hand up on tire)/90 seconds rest
  • Tire Pull (w/ arms and back): 60 seconds.

The concept was simple.  The workout is an adaptation of HIIT training.  Section one is harder with 2 minutes of activity and one minute of rest.  Then the second section allows for a more intense 30 seconds of activity, followed by 90 seconds of rest/less intense exercise.  Most often I walked the yard in between exercises or worked on balance on the balance beam.

The workout was VERY tough!  Especially the tire drag, which, on the way back going up hill, I was working so hard my teeth started to tingle.  Talk about hard!  But I was able to push through.  I really needed all of those 5 minutes of rest in between sections, and I was working VERY hard to keep up with those 30 second bouts of hard work.

After I finished I downed a quick EAS original shake (no flax), 12 oz. of water, and an anti-oxidant supplement.  I also had a nice warm bath, followed by a nice cold bath.  No, I didn’t run two baths, I simply stayed in the tub so long the water went ice cold.

As I type this I am expecting to have some protein powder pudding for dinner (maybe with 6 strips of low fat bacon) and then end the night with a 12-hour Elite protein shake snack- milled flax included.

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS:  There is a lot that has surprised me about this diet.  Here is a short list:

  • I am NOT craving carbs.
  • I am full of energy despite the drastic cut in carb intake.
  • The weight and inches are melting off my waist.
  • I am improving in strength and endurance (thus far).
  • My new found affection for the toilet has led to a drastic increase in pages read over break; although folks may not want to borrow my books now (at least those that read this blog).

Nutritional Info

  • Calories: 1533
  • Fat: 50 gram
  • Net Carbs: 70 grams
  • Protein: 175 grams

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