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sylvester-stallone-rocky-photograph-c10101948I took a serious hit over the holidays.  I lost motivation, I lost momentum; the only thing I gained was weight.  As I sat around on Christmas Eve wondering what I was going to do to re-energize my fitness journey I remembered something my personal trainer had posted on his blog long ago (so long ago I forgot the link).  So I Googled and Googled until I came across exactly what I had in mind- a 28-day nutrition plan for rapid fat loss.  (NOTE: I should add that my personal trainer was kind enough to email me over the holidays with more info.)

I figured why not try something radical to push my body to its limits and regain some of that lost intensity.  It is exactly the struggle of the wills kind of thing that gets me  fired up to excel.  The plan is called the Velocity Diet (more…)