The Tools of my Trade OR So Much Better Than Bench Pressing…

Posted: December 30, 2008 in fat, fitness, health, life, Me, my life, ninja warrior, ninja warrior workout, weight lifting
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p1000996These are the tools of my trade.  They don’t look like barbells and weight plates, as a matter of fact they aren’t much like them at all.  Nope, these provide a better workout and build more real world strength than the bench press could on its best day.  This old tractor tire and this 10 pound sledgehammer (at a total cost of $15; $0 for the tire and $15 for the sledge at Home Depot) provide all the health and strength benefits of chopping wood without the hassle of hunting down wood to chop.    Pretty soon this tire will be joined by either a much larger tire to flip or a tire of similar size filled with concrete- at this point the tire itself weighs about 75 pounds.

In addition to these two fitness tools I’ve also managed to p1000997acquire a few more workout goodies at a pretty reasonable price- less than $100.  I acquired the agility ladder (sitting on top of the free weights) for a few dollars on  The Sandbag was an internet purchase that set me back about $50, but it was worth it.  The feel of wrapping your fingers around the cloth and lifting the bag in the air, slamming the bag back onto your shoulder, and then pressing 100 or so pounds of shifting sand over your head is so much better than boring old gym shoulder presses- you won’t believe it until you try it!

But these are only the toys I have thus far acquired, I have a vision for a new fitness apparatus.  One that I will build myself.

p1000998This picture shows the remains of the climbing wall that the previous owners left behind back in 2005.  Five wooden poles buried into the ground about two feet deep and measuring about 12 feet high.  What can I do with this?  Well, with the addition of some more boards and some metal I can turn this into several different Ninja Warrior obstacles (I am thinking a curtain cling on one side, a peg board, and some bars going across the length of the structure).  If you have any suggestions, don’t be afraid to share them.

  1. Niiiice!

    I would love to see the look on someones face that sees you hitting that tire with the hammer wondering what in the world you are doing. hehe

    That’s awesome that those pillars were already there. Curtain cling would be cool, and do you mean bars to be used as a “cliff hanger”? What is the pegboard for?

  2. No, I’m saying I don’t know what a pegboard is…. (besides the stuff you put on the wall in your garage to hang tools on)

  3. Oh, I see. Peg board training is a great way to build upper body strength. Wrestling programs use it a lot. For some illustrations see the below links

    Quick and simple explanation. The board has numerous holes cut into it. Your hold a long peg in each hand and use the pegs to climb up and around the board by moving one arm at a time.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Ah ha! That’s a pretty cool idea. I wonder though, if something that used more grip/finger strength as well would be better. I’m picturing something like a climbing wall, but with more grabs. You could have grabs distributed the same as you would the holes of the pegboard. So, instead of just going up and down as you typically would on a climbing wall, you could move all around like a spider, but don’t use your feet.
    Like these:

    You could even “hop” sideways.

    Another idea for use of the wooden poles:

    A salmon ladder?

  5. frwrestlerdan says:

    i think u should somehow make a salmon ladder, that would b relly cool, and we use peg boards in wrestling and they relly help build ur upper body

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