A busy lazy day getting back into the swing of things…

Posted: December 29, 2008 in fitness, health, weight lifting, Weight loss
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My driveway. It looks much longer after your fifth sprint up that steep hill.

Today was one of those post-Christmas days when you are so bored that you end up doing chores just to add a little fun to your life.  But I didn’t settle for cleaning the kitchen and rearranging the junk in the cabinets (unused rotisseries and the like).  Instead I took several more steps advancing my journey into fitness.

First, the day started with some Wii Yoga for about 22 minutes.  Not very strenuous, but it definitely does improve my balance as well as providing some basic stretching.

Second, I put together a 40 minute workout that had me sweating like crazy after ten minutes.  [Of course, I followed my trainer provided stretching routine BOTH before and after this routine].  The routine was fairly simple.  See the driveway in the picture above?  Well I sprinted up it (a total of about 52 yards) seven times in seven minutes.  It was roughly a 15-17 second sprint with a 35-50 second walk back downhill in between sprints.  After that I did a strength workout that incorporated chin-ups, pull-ups, and the Wii fit strength training coach.   It was moderately intense- but only because I have been away from training so long.

Third, I ate smart today.  The menu included:

  • Breakfast: canadian bacon, 2 eggs, a slice of 100% whole wheat toast, and half a serving of orange juice
  • Snack: EAS Myoplex light protein drink
  • Lunch: Mixed greens salad topped with grilled bacon
  • Snack: EAS Myoplex recovery drink
  • Dinner: Turkey breast with light gravy and a small portion of left over rice with a side of spinach and tofu miso soup

All in all a pretty good day.  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s workout; a blend of bear crawls, sandbag work, and agility ladder drills.

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