Making my Own Sashimi: Take One

Posted: December 28, 2008 in fat loss, Food, health, Me, nutrition, Weight loss
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[Note: Several pictures and a few funny stories can be found below the cut line.]

Well, I figured why not try it. The stuff tastes great at the local Japanese restaurant, but it also costs a small fortune.  So early this morning, with wife and child in tow, I embarked on what would become a day long journey in search of the perfect cuts of salmon and tuna for sashimi.  After four stores (the local Asian Market, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and Lowe’s Foods) I quickly became discouraged.  The answer from behind the meat counter was always the same, “Sorry, we don’t have sashimi grade salmon.  Only tuna.”

I was pretty disheartened until I decided to stop by the sushi chef’s station at one of the supermarkets. I asked the chef if he knew of where I could buy some good cuts of sushi quality salmon.  “Right over in the seafood section.”  I was a bit shocked, “I was just over there and they said they didn’t sell sashimi quality salmon.”  Now he looked suprised.  The next words out of his mouth floored me, “Well they most certainly do.  All the sashimi and sushi we make out here is made from the exact same meat they put out in the seafood section.”  He explained to me what to look for in a cut of salmon and we parted ways.

I stopped back by the seafood section and, following his advice, I picked out a cut that was about an inch thick that had arrived that morning.  The meat monger was kind enough to cut off the scales on the back and I was ony my way home.  [FYI: the entire search for sashimi grade salmon took me to five stores and took over 3.5 hours].

So let’s skip to the part of the story where I cut the meat.  Needless to say I wasn’t very good at this and the result is pictured below:


Well, at least I got some good cuts out of it.

I decided against using the salmon since the smell and feel made me doubt the meat monger’s assertion that it had arrived on the morning truck.  I did, however, get about 10 usable (and thick) cuts of tuna.  Since I paid so much for the fish I wasn’t about to chuck it out, so the non-sushi quality cuts got thrown into a frying pan with some Pam spray and a bit of soy sauce:


The non-sashimi quality cuts of fish still make tasty eats

While it doesn’t look appetizing, it sure did taste good.  But back to the sashimi.

My wife was kind enough to fix up some sweet rice to go along with the fish.  I ate the rice pretty sparingly, it was pretty much my only carb intake during the day.


My wife's hands. She could have been a hand model. Well and an all-over model too!

With the rice ready and the tuna cut it was time to plate it and eat it.  So, without further delay, here is the finish product.



The finished product was really tasty- despite my wife’s attempt to burn my throat by heartily applying the wasabi.  The combination of cooked and raw seafood was just right, and a little bit of sashimi specific soy sauce added the final touch to a delicious and nutritious meal.  Plenty of protein and enough carbs to keep me going- not to mention lots of fish oils.

I am hoping to get some usable salmon for the next attempt.  I am thinking I might have to order it online and have it send shipped in dry ice.

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