The Bumpy Road to Ninja Warrior…

Posted: December 18, 2008 in fitness, health, Me, ninja warrior, ninja warrior workout, weight lifting
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Coming back to training from illness is never easy.  Although I was quite eager, especially since I have  a new training toy.


A handy little device that allows me to do chin-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, and limited range dips.  I also have modified it.  With the addition of cables and stretch bands I can now also perform pull-downs, tricep extensions, rows, and rope pull-ups.

Unfortunately, since I am 90 miles from my gym, I am having to improvise a workout routine.  A basic multi-joint routine that starts with squats, chin-ups, and push-ups and ends with one-legged deadlifts and a deadlift/curl/press combo- with plenty of fun stuff in between.

There is some bad news though.  The workout got me to the point of ALMOST puking.  You know that point.  I was hunched over the toilet coughing that horrible pre-puke cough.  Luckily, a combination of fervent prayer and rubbing the pressure point between my thumb and pointer-finger allowed me to avert that messy fate.  I will have to tone it back a bit for the next few workouts until my body gets back into the swing of things.

Nothing else to report today.  Tomorrow I will perform a strength/agility training routine with Turkish get-ups, bear crawls, agility ladder drills, and whatever other devious things I can dream up.

See you all tomorrow.

  1. DR says:

    Is it wrong that reading this actually made me laugh?

    What is wrong with me?

  2. Teresa says:

    Way to work it out! Good job.

  3. Great blogpost, amazing looking website, added it to my favs!

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