Posted: September 29, 2008 in fitness, health, life, Me, my life
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This morning I woke up in a funk which I hoped would evaporate over the course of my hour and a half drive to the gym.  However, I felt only slightly better when I arrived at the gym and even my usual stretching routine felt belabored and  tiring.  I sacrificed an hour or so of sleep to  get to the gym at 6 a.m. so I didn’t want to let that time go to waste, but it was equally clear that I wasn’t going to be able to pull off my usual 45 minute workout.  I thought about my alternatives as I finished up my stretching routine.

The solution.  I decided to truncate my workout.  I cut of two exercises and performed three sets of each exercise in one long super-set which took about 22 minutes.  It took all I had to complete and at the end I was quite nauseous, but I did it.  As I am typing this I can feel that foreboding tickle in the back of my throat which makes me fearful that a cold (w/ sore throat included) is knocking at my immune system’s door.  When I get home I will dose up on the multivitamins and the Zicam in hopes of kicking this thing’s butt before it kicks my butt.  Wish me luck.

  1. What you need to take is AIRBORN!!! It’s KILLER and it WORKS!!

  2. DR says:

    Good job Ninja Warrior.

    You have to listen to your body. No point in killing yourself in the gym and then spending the next few days sick in bed.

    Does that Zicam stuff work?

    I have developed allergies over the past few years and they SUCK

  3. Zicam works for colds quite well. Doubt it would help with allergies though.

  4. MizFit says:


    Flush the system perhaps?

    How you now??

  5. brainteaser says:

    Hiya, ninja warrior!

    How are things doing? 🙂

  6. ashjoshua says:

    It’s been long, and now after all the adjustment I’m thinking of hitting the gym, didn’t know who else to ask but you about how I should start!! I ‘m not extremely overweight, but I’d like to lose apprx. 20 lbs at least or maybe 25. Do I start with running? or weight training? And I’ve heard this a million times, but still…does spot reduction work?

  7. Teresa says:

    Want more postings!

    We misses them.

  8. Neil says:

    Hey, where are you? I thought I was the only one on hiatus. Hope you and your family are doing well.

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