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Posted: September 1, 2008 in fitness, health, life, Me, ninja warrior, ninja warrior workout
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For all those who asked here are the Excel sheets (the templates) I use to record my workouts with all the details included. It was easiest to convert them into a pdf file and let you click and download them.

Feel free to copy them, use them, or do whatever you desire with them in order to reach your own fitness goals.  Remember that these workouts aren’t designed to build muscle, they are designed to develop a high level of muscular endurance and a strong core and joints.



UPDATED: To see the workout sheets click the read more button…

Monday’s Workout

Tuesday’s Workout

Wednesday’s Workout

Thursday’s Workout

Friday’s Workout

Saturday’s Workout

Sunday’s Workout

  1. Teresa says:

    Ninja Warrior Padawan,

    That looks like a really intense plan! I really hope it works great.

    Over the next few days, I will be describing my experiences at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

    I had one weight related moment. There was a woman dressed as Electra there. Her costume was really nice, and she had a great musculature that was just cut enough to pull off the costume.

    I would probably not have noticed, except that this one guy tapped his buddy (a 400+ pound guy on a scooter) and said Hey an Electra!”

    Scooter man looked her up-and-down and made some disparaging comment about how she had “saddlebags”.

    Her “saddle bags” were probably about as big around as my little finger.

    I turned around an left before I found myself yelling at him something like “DUDE! You. Are. On. A. Scooter!”

    Ya know, I know more than a few heavy people, and I know that some people are just naturally heavy (I’m one of them)…

    …but you would think that someone who is in that position could have a little compassion and not be such a dick about a little extra roll of skin.


  2. Rachel says:

    Wow I will have to print these out and hope one day I can reach a level where I can do this without passing out. LOL

  3. Mark V says:

    I dont quite understand the sheets. the first one says Barbell deadlift 41X. Is that 41 sets? please explain?

  4. Sure thing Mark. The numbers are short hand for 4 (second negative), 1 (second pause at the bottom), and X is short hand for eXplode up into the movement.

    So the first number represents the negative, the second the time at the bottom of the movement, and the last number the upward part of the movement.

  5. Mark V says:

    Thanks. one more question. I see you have a reps row and a sets row. How many sets do you do for each rep range? Or do you try to do more each week?

  6. The workout is broken into supersets (and one tri-set), each lasting about 15 minutes. So for example, in the first superset I do Barbell Dead Liifts and Bulgarian Squats. I do them back to back, attempting to do 5 reps in each set with little to no rest between sets. I crank out as many as I can in 15 minutes. Usually by the fourth set I have to drop down to 4or 3 reps for the remaining sets. Then I rest 5 minutes and begin the next superset.

    By the time you can do about 6 to 9 sets per exercise of 5 reps, you raise the weight and start the process over again. A good goal to aim for is a weight you would feel comfortable using for a 12 reps. It might seem light in the beginning, but by the time you get to set 4 or 5 you will think differently.

  7. Mark V says:

    Just so I have this straight. You do supersets of deadlifts and bulgarian squats(sets of 5 reps). Then when you cant do 5 reps anymore you drop down to 4 and continue, then to 3 and so on. you do this for 15 minutes and then continue on to the next superset of cable pull throughs and 1 leg squats for the same sequence ,etc.

    • Yup, Don’t forget the 5 minutes of rest between supersets. And those one-legged squats are killers.

      Also, keep in mind this is the workout I do when I have access to a traditional gym setting. My outdoor workouts are different (slosh pipe, tire flipping, etc.) but are based around a similar style of 10-15 minutes of maximum exertion with several minutes rest followed by 10-15 minutes of maximum exertion (through varied exercises lasting 1-4 minutes per exercise). So for example I might begin with 2-3 minutes each side of sledge hammer drills, then 3 minutes tire flipping, 2 minutes sand bag lift and toss, and 3 minutes tire drag…followed by a 4-5 minute rest…then repeat (although in the second cycle I usually include short 30-45 second rest periods between exercises).

      • Mark V says:

        Do you have examples of your outdoor workouts? Looking forward until spring. It is only about 10 degrees where I am at now. Some of the exercises you mentioned look very similar to what the MMA guys do.

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