“Ninjaing” Up…

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Exercise, fitness, health, Me, ninja warrior, ninja warrior workout
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Perhaps I can start a trend if I refer to my training for Ninja Warrior- which begins this coming Monday 8/25)- as “Ninjaing” up?!

I will be taking a few days off to enjoy the last days of summer with my wife and daughter.  But come Monday I will be back and I will begin blogging about my intense Ninja Warrior training experience. Wait till you see what I do with this program.  By November/December I am going to look, feel, and workout like some kind of genetically altered ninja warrior freak of nature.  I can’t wait!

  1. When you’re done, we want to see video of you doing your version of the “SPIDA WALKA” and the “BODY PROPA”.

    Hopefully you’ll make it look as easy as Makoto Nagano. He’s my hero. He doesn’t even seem to get out of breath.

  2. Edgar says:


    all the best and – if you ever need a sparring partner, let me know.


    Zen Ninja

  3. blessed1 says:

    Sweet Ninja Warrior. Love it!

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