Taking the Ab Challenge…

Posted: August 16, 2008 in challenge, change, competition, fat, fat loss, fitness, health, Me, Weight loss
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RooBabs has posted an abs challenge on her blog, so I figured I would take her up on it.  Here are some before pictures I took today.  As you can see not much has changed since my best pictures about a year ago.

And of course the ab close-up.  Warning: there is no six pack ahead…

I wonder what I will look like when I complete my Ninja Warrior training?  Whatever the results, I know they will be well deserved and they will be the product of a ridiculous amount of hard work.

  1. Colin says:

    Good luck with that ab challenge! I do next to no abs, but I know that’s not going to last much longer.. 😛

  2. “I do next to no abs, but I know that’s not going to last much longer.”

    Thanks Colin. Abs can be excruciating to train, but they are worth it.

  3. Teresa says:

    I’d just like to remind everyone that the first Political Outrage Mad Lib Monday is up at my blog!


    I think it will be fun. If not ,I imgaine it will get more fun as I learn how to write them better!

  4. Teresa says:

    Oh, and my favorite ab-work is done with a picnic table. Sititng on the bench and hooking your feet under the table, and then reclining backwards until parallell to the ground and doing a sit-up…
    …you dont get to “rest” on the ground.

  5. MizFit says:

    thats my quote too:

    “I do next to no abs, but I know that’s not going to last much longer.”

    still not sure if Im in.

    too many challenges and far too little of my life I wanna spend exercising 🙂
    my new PERSONAL challenge is to live more.

  6. MizFit says:

    oooooooooh giggling.
    after all your AM I ON YOUR BLOGROLL *I* am not on yours!


    and I mean that 🙂

  7. “after all your AM I ON YOUR BLOGROLL *I* am not on yours!”

    I haven’t updated the thing in months. I’ll add you this week when I kick off the blogs that are no longer up and add in some news ones.

  8. Tom Accuosti says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve committed myself in public. I’ve been trying to get my exercise into a more coherent routine anyway, and this gave me to motivation to actually set it down on paper.

    I’m going to post the updates on my private blog – that is, the one that’s not advertised all over the place.

    The Daily Tom

  9. Tom Accuosti says:

    Hmm. WordPress does something funny with the links. This one might work:


  10. Mark Salinas says:

    Good luck! Stay string! 🙂

  11. what is the ninja warrior challenge

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