Finally, A Ninja Warrior Training Program

Posted: August 14, 2008 in fitness, health, Me, my life, ninja warrior, ninja warrior workout
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My blog friend DR has put together an excellent program to help me train for Ninja Warrior.  I will be starting the program on August 25th.

The program is an excellent combination of strength and agility training along with innovative stretching exercises and unconventional workouts- examples include hoisting sandbags, rock climbing, and sledgehammer training.  Those are just some of the awesome workouts included.

I have to admit I haven’t looked forward to a workout this much in a long time.  Gone are the days of being limited to the boring traditional weight room (which is just a fraction of the program DR has designed for me).  Most of these workouts will take me well out of range of the gym and into my own little world of pain.  This is going to be an amazing experience.

Both DR and I will be posting on my progress as I follow this training routine.  I will post more details in the coming days.

  1. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE ninja warrior! Good luck 😉 I always like watching all the falls lol and then the announcer goes crazy

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  3. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

    I’m jealous. Seriously. I love that show.

    Let me ask you this: Do you know if there is a prize for completing all 4 stages? I have not been able to figure this out! If those Ninja Warrior Allstars are dedicating their lives to winning it, just for the honor, then I think the Japanese are awesome.

  4. “Let me ask you this: Do you know if there is a prize for completing all 4 stages?”

    I don’t think there is any prize. However, I could always go to the U.S. show Wipeout after and win $50,000.

  5. Mark Salinas says:

    Very cool! I am jealous…I want in! 🙂

  6. Oh no. I think that show Wipeout is terrible! What a poor excuse of trying to copy ninja warrior.

    For one thing, they all wear protective padding… pansies.

    And the commentary is horrible. They are trying to be funny, and failing.

  7. Actually, I think Wipeout is a terrible (and much less funny) copy of MXC

    I will give it this though, Wipeout is much more family friendly than MXC- which is VERY bawdy.

    To see some of the similarities click the below link

  8. says:

    if you make it to Ninja warrior, we will come to tokyo to support you!

    We LOVE that show. Nagasaki is our hero.

  9. chai says:

    ninja warrior is AWESOME!

  10. Teresa says:

    Ive got your Ninja Warrior training program right here…

    Who needs a fancy sprint sled?

  11. My wife isn’t heavy enough.

  12. Teresa says:


    You just have to run faster then. 🙂

  13. bentlyr says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be intense! Man that show is awesome, I can’t believe the athleticism some of those guys have.

    Enjoy these next 10 days while you can 😀

  14. No way around it….Ninja warrior training will kick my butt all over the place. I just hope I can get through it all. Warning, there might be some Youtube videos featuring a montage of my training. Hey, everyone needs a good montage.

  15. I can’t wait to see that YOUTUBE video….. I’m all about working out!!

  16. Jane says:

    I can’t wait to see your youtube montage either… maybe you can use Eye of the Tiger for the music :p

  17. Stiletto says:

    You adoring fans will be anxiously awaiting your Youtube montage. Now don’t make promises you don’ t intended on keeping. And good luck, brother!

  18. Rachel D. says:

    I will be excited to see your progress!

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