Day 2: 100 Push-up Challenge…

Posted: August 13, 2008 in fitness, health, Me, push-up
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I felt a little sore going into this second day of the 100 push-up challenge.  I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to match my numbers from two days ago.  How did it turn out?

Level 1 = 27; 60 seconds rest

Level 2 = 20; 60 seconds rest

Level 3 = 20; 60 seconds rest

Level 4 = 17; 120 seconds rest

Level 5 = 37; END!

And I felt great at the end!  My shoulders, arms, and chest were all well worked but not over trained.  So far I consider this experience a definite plus and I recommend the 100 push-up challenge to anyone trying to gain strength and in need of a good non weight-loss based goal.

  1. Teresa says:

    Minor tussel overe at my blog.
    I was called a “lightweight thinker”. 🙂

    You might enjoy it.

  2. krkbaker says:

    holy cow, i could never do a 100 push ups daily, sore would be the understatement!!! way to go.

  3. suzanne says:

    I have been doing these (although i admit i’m doing the girlie ones) But i’m already on week four day three today and i’m loving them. When i went to the chest presses this week they were so much easier than usual!!

  4. Stiletto says:

    I couldn’t do more than four yesterday. A hundred is unthinkable.

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