I found this wonderful little toy over at Amazon.com, it is a Powermax sprint sled:

Looks fun, doesn’t it?  That is exactly what I thought.  But the price tag made my jaw drop- $249.95.

So my first thought, aside from selling plasma in order to get my hands on this toy, was how could I build this myself.  I have a pretty good idea.

The recipe:

1 sled from the local consignment shop= estimated cost $12

1 simple stand with four screw holes at Home Depot= $5

Some used free weights at Play-it-Again Sports= $15-$25

OR Bags of sand or rock at Home Depot= $10-$20

1 20 foot rope= already own it

1 Harness made by wife= $5-10

Total Cost= $47 to $72.

I will post pictures when I get the supplies and we will see how it all turns out.

I also plan on building this so it can be used for upper body sled training.  Think of strong man competitions where a seated guy pulls a heavy car on a rope towards himself, same thing.  This should be fun.

  1. AndrewE says:

    Great idea. I had a friend who used to drag an old tyre along when he ran.

  2. i think for best results you’re gonna have to buy some good quality elasticised rope/stretchy stuff to smooth out the stop/start motion of the sled – needs to be good quality because you don’t want to get a whack on the back of the noggin if any part of the rope breaks under tension.


  3. Cool! $250 is rediculous!

    I think a 50 pnd bag of sand is less than $5, but once that bag starts leaking, you’ll wish you’d gotten the weights.

    At first I was thinking you could make it out of pvc pipe, or just wood, but if you could find an old sled that cheap, then that would be perfect.

    Look forward to the final product!

  4. Teresa says:


    That looks like a spiffy work-out aid.

    However, I am posting off-topic.

    I have finally figured out a blog game that fits my format.

    Inspired by F.A.T.

    I would like to announce P.O.M.M.

    Political Outrage Mad-lib. Monday!


    Everyone tune in and we’ll see if this game is any fun.

  5. I’ll check it out Teresa. I for one don’t get too upset by off-topic comments. And I am glad to see you have your own blog game that matches your format well. 😉

  6. Teresa says:


    Well, I like amusing myself and others with the latest iin politcal outrage.


    It is getting a little stale, so I think that some funny fake outrage will help the situation.


  7. ahmeen says:

    I love it…I know you are serious about doing this but it struck me funny to think of you pulling a sled piled with all that stuff…well that and that fact that I am cheap like you and always like to make cheapo versions of ridiculously priced stuff. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

  8. DR says:

    I would love to see a picture of your `MacGyver-ed`sled

  9. Working on it DR. We are down to one car so I can’t go out and procure materials.

  10. Stiletto says:

    What a drag! hahaha

  11. Rachel D. says:

    Cool I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It looks like something I would hurt myself on! lol

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