Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you…

  1. …Bored with your workout?
  2. …Looking for a change?
  3. …Tired of stale, bland, banal training like bench presses and bicep curls?
  4. …Looking to build real world strength and endurance?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions I have a few ideas for you.  Some are relatively simple to implement and others will require you to go out and get some workout tools.  The necessary equipment ranges from a medicine ball to a tractor tire and a sledgehammer.  As a companion to this post I will be posting some pet projects of my own over the next few weeks.  The first of which will be a weighted sled with a harness.  Since I am pressed for time and this is an introductory post, this post will provide some video links to get you started thinking about some unconventional workouts

Want to Train like an MMA fighter- try tire flipping (at the 1:!5 minute mark)

Another good example of MMA training with a minimal amount of expensive tools, including, an old rust weight bar and a few friends on your back.

Hardcore medicine ball training

And you don’t get much more hardcore than

I hope these clips give you some good ideas on ways to shake up your workout.  Stay tuned for more.

  1. MizFit says:

    Ill take the medicine ball workout please.

    now to just find my m-ball…it’s around here somewhere gathering dust—-with my motivation.

  2. Selena says:

    I just had a hard time getting my pants up over my thighs. Little Skunny is getting chubby and needs to get her act together. Does slim fast work? Do you know?

  3. It will help you lose weight, but it isn’t healthy since it is filled with all kinds of junk. I would substitute Cheerios for a meal before I drank a Slim-fast shake.

  4. Selena says:

    Hmmmm, It has lots of vitamins, how is it not healthy?

  5. The vitamins are added, just like with enriched white flour. It doesn’t make it healthy though- if you want vitamins just take a multi. Any health benefits derived from adding vitamins are more than offset by the other ingredients like sugar, fructose, hydrogenated soybean oil, various artificial sweeteners, etc. It isn’t worth it. While you will probably lose weight drinking it as a meal replacement, it isn’t a healthy way to lose weight.

  6. Stiletto says:

    Answering all the questions above, I’ll say no, no, no and not right now!

  7. Did you watch any of the workouts Stiletto?

  8. Selena says:

    What are workout Stilettos, for 500, Alex?

  9. nards656 says:

    That Ross dude is insane. Wow.

  10. Adrianna says:

    Losing weight through medicine is not healthy as these medicines contain all types of junks. It’s better to lose weight through exercise and proper diet.

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