As many of you might already know, I’ve got a real tendency to procrastinate.  I have to make a deliberate effort at self-discipline to keep myself on the ball.  It is part a problem that my mind constantly seeks new puzzles to solve and loses interest once I figure out the solution- even if I haven’t fully implemented that solution.  Some tasks, like learning a new language, bore me to tears.  But these are things I must do.  My to do list for this summer includes:

  1. Learn Spanish: To develop a fluency in reading the language NOT speaking it.
  2. Research: I would like to have a paper ready for publication by December 2008/January 2009
  3. Fix This House: I have tons of little things to do around this house ranging from cleaning the gutters to pulling weeds.
  4. Rearranging the House: Lots of books and book shelves to be moved around.
  5. Reconnecting: I’ve fallen out of practice when it comes to prayers and bible studies.
  6. Beginning Anew: I’ve really fallen out of love with exercise.  I need to juggle up my resistance training routine, get back to workout out first thing in the morning, and find that spark again.

So the best solution for me seems to be a daily schedule to make sure I stay on task.

  1. theepiphany says:

    I work best on schedules too. The busier I am, the more I get done – ironic, huh? Research paper?? What about?

  2. ahmeen says:

    With the exception of number two I have everything else on my list, as well.

  3. FatFighter says:

    That is a lot for a summer go do list! Mine is not nearly that long, and I feel crazy busy anyway. It’s tough when you fall out of love with exercise. But maybe you can try something new – that usually helps me get excited again.

  4. Teresa says:

    Right now, I’m working on straightening out my schedule so it is manageable, getting everyone’s health maintenance appointments in (dental, tests, check-ups etc) and makeing sure that I have enough time to get real work done.

  5. says:

    That’s quite a list and I think we are all going to need some pictures to visualize these changes!

  6. Stiletto says:

    You? Procrastinate? Honestly, I was never under that impression. Perhaps I need to type that in your search box haha and see how many posts come up, that is, the ones you didn’t procrastinate putting up…on procrastination!

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