Well Kane has kept me close to his bed side for the last few days grounding my workouts and runs.  However, starting tomorrow that can change.  While Kane still isn’t mobile he is a bit less whiny- no doubt because his pain is lessening as his body heals.  So with him able to allow me some personal time mor ethan three feet from his bed that means I have a lot of catching up to do since it is Tuesday and I have three resistance training session and at least three runs to fit into my schedule.  As a result I will do some doubling up.

My schedule for the next few days includes an early morning session of stretching:

Neck/Trapezius Stretch (seen to the left; do in all four directions); Wrist Stretch (seen to the left; do in two positions- palm facing body and knuckles facing body);Seated Hamstring Stretch; Bent-Knee Forward; Bridging; Pat the Back; Seated Side Straddle; Back Straight Leg Extension; Back Curl to Extension; Spinal Twist

Each stretch is done twice for 30-45 seconds each with a few seconds rest in between.

There is also a session of WiiFit Yoga (about 30 minutes)

Interval training (about 35 minutes including warm up and cool down)

and a short but intense resistance training routine:

Jumping Jacks; Burpees; Deadlift with Shrug; Sit-ups; Push-ups; Shoulder Press; Prone Leg Raise; Bench Press; Deadlift with curl and press; Push-ups with side Plank; Modified Plank; Bicycle Kicks.

Of course you can add to this my everyday workout now of carrying the back half of a 90lb dog around the yard as he casually looks for a place to pee.  It is as if he is oblivious to how heavy he is.  HA!

  1. Teresa says:

    You know…you can do all the stretching out you want, and it’s not going to help you one bit.

    The rainbows are oozing out of the ground, and they’re out to get us! Haha!


  2. Who says I want to get away from the rainbows? I have several living in my backyard right now. I prefer them to the darn bees who built a nest somewhere in the ground back there.

  3. Sagan says:

    Sounds like a good routine. Glad that Kane seems to be feeling a bit better!

  4. Selena says:

    You can twsit your spine by twisting your feet. Seriously. Reflexology, you should check into it.

  5. Teresa says:


    But the nice crazy lady says it’s a gumbint conspiracy!


    I just KNOW youve got a funny comment lurking in your brain that you could contirbute to that post.

  6. Keep up the good work – for Kane AND for self! 🙂

    I just dropped over following a link you left at my blog and took a double take… ❓

    Did you change your Theme..?? to ‘mine’?? 🙂

    Good taste you got there 🙂


  7. FatFighter says:

    Man, do I hate burpees! I think I would much rather do just about anything else exercise-wise!

  8. “Man, do I hate burpees! I think I would much rather do just about anything else exercise-wise!”

    That is a good sign that the exercise is great for you! Kind of like eating broccoli. HA!

    They remind me of the drills we used to do during wrestling practice where the coach would yell “SPRAWL!” and you had to keep up and do about 60 sprawls a minute.

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