More Bathtub Conversations with my Daughter….

Posted: August 2, 2008 in child, entertainment, family, Funny, humor, laugh, life, Me, my life
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This is yet another in series of humorous and odd conversations with my daughter during our nightly bath time.  Well at least the nights when I don’t come up with an excuse to avoid slipping on my swim trunks and getting in the tub.

Sasha: Daddy, can we have bubbles in the tub?

Me: Okay. (pours bubble bath in)

Sasha: Can I put some bubbles in your hair

Me: No honey, I don’t want to wash my hair tonight.

Sasha: Okay, can I put some on your chest?

Me: Okay.


Allison: Daddy has what?

Sasha: Boobies.  Daddy has Boobies!

Me: It’s just soap honey.

And that’s the story of how I almost had boobies.

  1. How Cute! My daughter and I like to make up silly songs when we are cooking…the last one we made up was “Pancakes,pancakes so fluffy and so white. I’ll pour some syrup on you and eat you with delight.” We had a lot of giggles making it up and before breakfast was over all of us were singing it.

  2. Randy says:

    I used to bathe my girls and we would sing songs together. Some of my favorite memories…

    For my younger daughter, I sang “You are my Katie-pie” to the tune of “You are my sunshine”. The first time she heard someone sing the real song, she thought they changed the words.

    Enjoy the time with her while you can.

  3. brainteaser says:

    Hilarious, John.

    And so prescious. Enjoy while you can…

    Before you know it, she’ll be a grown up…

    and you?

    Hmm…. lots of gray hair!


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