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No, the Total Transformation Test blog isn’t gone- it is just in hibernation. I accomplished almost all I wanted to under the Total Transformation banner.  I dropped approximately 40 lbs, my B/P is now at VERY healthy levels clocking in at 106/66 (so is my pulse-66 bpm), I cut my body fat percentage in half, I gained strength, and put on a significant amount of lean muscle tissue.  So I figured it was time for a change.

Welcome to the newly christened “Ninja Warrior,” blog.  Stay Tuned for more in the coming week.

Well it was actually my second day since between the rain and having my wife all to myself- our daughter is with her grandparents- I totally skipped yesterday’s training.   The workout went MUCH better than two days ago as I was able to complete all three 15 minute sections with 5 minutes of rest in between.  Adding to the experience is the fact that despite several of the exercises being entirely new to me (i.e. overhead shrugs) it all went smoothly.  Here is the routine:

Warm-up: Swinging Snatch (look it up on YouTube at your own risk…) (more…)

Time off + New Training Method = Cluster

That is how I would sum up my first workout.  I hadn’t done some of the exercise either ever before or had not done them for a long time.  MY one-legged squats were pathetic and my Bulgarian squats were only a bit better (i.e. I HAVE TO work on balance).  I also managed to confuse two exercises- an event which I didn’t manage to find humor in.  Also, I found my endurance was much less than I expected and my body quit after 10/15 minutes of the first section, 8/15 minutes on the second section, and 7/15 on the final section.  Part of the confusion resulted from trying to figure out an appropriate weight for each exercise since this is my first time back in the weight room in months.  I expect Wednesday and Friday’s workout to also be a bit confused, but I am betting on (and hoping for) a decline in the “cluster” factor as the week progresses.

There were some positives though.  (more…)

Perhaps I can start a trend if I refer to my training for Ninja Warrior- which begins this coming Monday 8/25)- as “Ninjaing” up?!

I will be taking a few days off to enjoy the last days of summer with my wife and daughter.  But come Monday I will be back and I will begin blogging about my intense Ninja Warrior training experience. (more…)

Perhaps they should give that acronym a rethink?!

The F.A.T. (Funny Acronym Tuesday) challenge is back.  Yeah, I know last weak I was a bit forgetful.  And yes, I know I still haven’t posted a winner from last week.  But I will get around to that on Wednesday.  For now let us just enjoy today and the current F.A.T. challenge.

Your first acronym is…


Update: Kane…

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A lazy afternoon on guard duty for a temporarily crippled dog and his none too bright best buddy. Their job- to guard the most precious person in this house.

I’ve walked Kane about 3 times today and noticed something that has me positively giddy. If I let the tops of his feet graze the grass or the smooth tile floor in our house he starts to move his legs just a little (about a 10-15 degree range of motion) back and forth as if he was walking. He still can’t put any weight on them like that- he only places weight on them when he locks them out which is happening more and more. I was so happy I brought him in and yelled for my wife to come watch. It was really cool to see him move his legs.

Also, I’ve discovered that it seems much more productive when I do his physical therapy right before I take him out for his walk. He locks out longer and moves his legs more if I’ve worked with him on his legs before we go out. No if only he would let me sleep through the night. (more…)

RooBabs has posted an abs challenge on her blog, so I figured I would take her up on it.  Here are some before pictures I took today.  As you can see not much has changed since my best pictures about a year ago.

And of course the ab close-up.  Warning: there is no six pack ahead… (more…)