Funny Acronym Tuesday WinnerS

Posted: July 30, 2008 in blessings, blogging, challenge, creative writing, entertainment, Funny, Funny Acronym Tuesday, humor, laugh
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The winner of the first ever Funny Acronym Tuesday (F.A.T.) was Blessed1 with the acronym B.U.R.P. which stands for “Beat up Rude People.”  Admit it, haven’t we all wanted to?!

The winner of the second ever F.A.T. challenge was Teresa with the acronym W.H.A.M.M.Y. which stands for “Wookie Hippies Ate My Mangos Yesterday.”  This is a serious problem deserving of a fitting acronym.  Thankfully we have Teresa around to supply it.

The winner of the “Return of the F.A.T.” challenge (part III) was Tam whose acronym for B.U.D.W.E.I.S.E.R. kind of creeped me out. In Tams mind BUDWEISER stands for “Brent’s underwear do weird energetic involuntary shakes, even rolls.”

Next there was the record setting “F.A.T.: Revenge of Part II.”  The winner after a prolific day of posting was Brandy whose acronym for O.P.E.R.O.S.E. provided both a gross mental picture and a few laughs: “Old People Explain Really Odd Sex Exhibition.”

And last, but if I may use a cliche, by no means least, the winner of yesterday’s “F.A.T.: Sometimes Laughter is the Best Medicine” is Alece for daring to take on the acronym T.O.U.G.H.A.C.T.I.N.’ T.I.N.A.C.T.I.N.: “This
unbearable foot fungus annoys, chastises, tingles, instigates, nags, troubles, infuriates Niel’s almost clean
toes in Nairobi.”  This is the exact reason why I wear flip-flops in public showers.  Oh, and a special head nod to Selena for coming up with an awesome acronym set-up.

That should catch us up.  From now on the winner can expect a longer post that will also give a short description of their blog as well as some words of praise from me to them (maybe you).

  1. lifelemons says:

    Those were pretty good!

  2. Start playing Lemon and maybe one day you can see your name up there. 🙂

  3. blessed1 says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m sooooo excited and happy to wake up to such a beautiful post. See that little dot on Hawaii on your visitor map?? That was me checkin in on ya a couple times while gone. Thanks for announcing me as the winner! Again, Yaaaaaaay!

  4. that vid on my blog was not unavailable to me, but just in case, try this:

  5. Thanks Carrie, must be my old computer.

  6. “Thanks for announcing me as the winner! Again, Yaaaaaaay!”

    Keep playing and go for another win. And now you won’t have the scenery of Hawaii distracting you. 😉 And thanks for taking the time to check in while you were away in paradise.

  7. Teresa says:

    I visited the blogs of all my fellow winners…


    …one of these blogs is not like the others.

    Im a weirdo.


  8. Whatever could you mean Teresa? Ha. No seriously, what do you mean.

  9. Bwan Muffin says:

    haha!! I love it! Thank ya thank ya! 😀

    Those are some funny acronyms! HA!!!

  10. Teresa says:


    Maybe I’m just imagining things. 🙂

  11. Well it could always be your imagination. Based on your acronyms, I would say your imagination is quite healthy and also supported by a rapier sharp wit and matching intellect. There, hope that bit of praise made your day. 😉

  12. tam says:

    you’re weird.

    but i love ya!!!

  13. Selena says:

    Thanks 4 the nod and what not 🙂

  14. alece says:



  15. No need to thank me Alece, you earned it. 😉

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