Aside from reading all books Atlantic World oriented, I’ve been digging through the evidence for a murder from back in 1821.  Well at least it started out as a murder investigation.  It was like a CSI script in many ways.  A body washes up on shore, the man appears to have had his throat slit.  He was wrapped in a blanket that appeared to have been attached to several rocks to ensure the body wasn’t found.  Moreover, several witnesses reported that he was in possession of a large amount of cash and had been (quite stupidly) flaunting it.

The man boarded a ship to go from Virginia to Camden, North Carolina.  He never reached his destination and his body washed up on shore near Pasquotank County, North Carolina.  The local justices of the peace put out a warrant for his arrest and the story in the local paper about the “MURDER!” was published in over 15 papers from North Carolina to Maine.

Now here is the shocker, it turns out that the suspected murderer was cleared by the local court before he was even arrested.  Why?  It turns out that the body did not belong to the wealthy man on a trip, but instead to a destitute sailor. The sailor died at sea and his shipmates and the captain decided to throw him overboard since all were sick and lacked the strength to take him into port.

Weird stuff, eh?

  1. darla says:

    so then are there two men dead…what about the rich man who didn’t reach his destination? I am intrigued now too! Love to try to figure out CSI..never do..but I like to try!

  2. “what about the rich man who didn’t reach his destination?”

    It is rather anticlimactic- he got where he was going.

  3. Laura says:

    Why was the sailor’s throat slit though?

  4. The coroner ruled that the man’s throat was slit, but the judges (based on testimony) later decided that it was most likely the turtles and other sea creatures who feasted on his remains.

    As someone who has seen a corpse wash up on a beach before (fire department experience) it isn’t a pretty sight. I can tell you that much.

  5. Allison says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Even though I just started mine as well, I love getting new readers :0) I can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts!

  6. Jessica says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award over at my blog 😉 I know these are silly, but couldn’t resist.

  7. Which blog is that? SeeJessRun, right?

  8. Bwan Muffin says:

    “what about the rich man who didn’t reach his destination?”

    It is rather anticlimactic- he got where he was going.

    That made me laugh out loud!! HAHA!!!

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