The Sex Police & the War on Sex

“Ken Giles was jogging in a park in Johnson City, Tenn., when, as he put it, “nature called.” He went off the trail to go take care of business. Then an undercover agent “put the badge in my face and told me that I was under arrest. I just thought I was in trouble for urinating in public.”

It was much more humiliating than that. The park was the site of a police crackdown on gay men using the park for sex. But the police went beyond arrests. Before anyone was convicted, they posted the names, addresses and photos of the men.

Giles’s wife saw his picture on the news. Then his employer fired him. “When I lost my job … my wife was so upset that she had a … a major heart attack.”

Another man named by the police killed himself.” – John Stossel

What purpose does this kind of thing serve?  Why can’t police distinguish between someone trying to relieve themselves and someone try to get some kicks from public sex?  Why are police so busy hiding in bushes or bathroom stalls trying to entrap people into engaging in illicit activities?  While engaging in sexual acts in clear public view in front of others should indeed be a crime, There is no need for all this covert activity and undercover work.

Banning Fast Food to Fight Obesity?

“Jan Perry, a Los Angeles city-council member, is spearheading legislation that would ban new fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC from opening in a 32-square-mile chunk of the city, including her district.” – WSJ

You might ask why?  The standard response from advocates of such measure

“[These measures are] crucial in the fight against obesity, diabetes and other diseases and health conditions.”

While all of you know I take seriously the problem of obesity in America, this is certainly not the way to go about it.  Limiting the choices of all members of society because some abuse their freedom is the very antithesis of what one should expect from their government.  This problem will only be solved when individuals take responsibility for their actions, not when the government bans or sin taxes every last twinkie, Big Mac, or fried food found in fast food restaurants, grocery stores, or your very own fridge.

Grown up P.E.- Do you Still Hit the Dork With Glasses? Wait, That’s me!

“This is Old School P.E., a two-hour exercise program strictly for adults, built around grown-up versions of gym class staples. Participants say getting in shape is a bonus to the main attraction — a Friday night out with friends, away from the kids.” – Yahoo! News

As much of a dork as this makes me, I think this would be really fun and totally cool.  I would do this in a heart beat if they offered it somewhere within a 20 mile radius of my home.

A Four Day School Week?

“Facing a crippling increase in fuel costs, some rural U.S. schools are mulling a solution born of the ’70s oil crisis: a four-day week.”- Rueters

Sounds like a splendid idea to me.  I for one hope my university embraces this plan.  Then I would only have class Monday and Wednesday and would not have to drive all the way to Greensboro 3 days a week (each trip costs me $25 in gas).  Gosh, just thinking of that makes me shiver.  When I first started the program it was less than $12 per trip.


Moonwalker sees Aliens

“FORMER NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell – a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission – has stunningly claimed aliens exist.

And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions – but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades…

“It’s been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it’s leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.”-

What say you, my readers.  Has he flipped his nut?  Is he speaking truth to power (gosh the phrase turns my stomach)?

Conflicted about stupid and odd names

“A family court judge in New Zealand has had enough with parents giving their children bizarre names here, and did something about it. Just ask Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. He had her renamed.- Yahoo! News

I am conflicted because I dislike the court step within the sphere of parental authority- which of course name choosing lies well within.  However, I also have a strong distaste for parents who saddle their children with ridiculous names which bring them personal gratification but burden their children for the rest of their lives.

While celebrities like Jason Lee have enough wealth to financially insulate their child for a lifetime when they give them ludicrous names like “Pilot Inspector,” the children of regular folks who think that naming their child something odd seems really neat (after all, the celebrities are doing it, right?) can’t provide their kids the same security.  Instead their children will try to get into college, get jobs, and find a loved one burdened with a name that will do much to decrease their chances in life- and this isn’t even to mention the sport their classmates will make of them.

Please, if you are a parent thinking of giving your child a name like Tula Does the Hula or Pilot Inspector or Peanut, please think again.  Think about why you are giving them that name.  Is it for your own gratification, are your reasons all self-referential?  Have you taken into consideration how the name you have chosen will benefit or harm your beloved child?  If not, please, please, please do so.

  1. Neil says:

    That’s quite a collection!

    Of course stupid kid’s names are bad, but why would the gov’t have to get involved? You can pay to abort your child but can’t name your kid what you like? Give me a break.

    I think the name thing just hit a hot button with you because your parents named you Total Transformation.

    4-day school week = great idea. Cut out the fluffy stuff (and there is plenty of it).

    Much of the obesity is due to bad parenting. We don’t need the gov’t regulating restaurants.

  2. howard says:

    Quite a lengthy post today huh? I didn’t get through all of it, but did skim through certain paragraphs.

    On the issue of the sex police:
    I think people who relieve themselves publicly whether it’s sexual or urinating is just plain wrong. But from the way you worded this topic, it seems the jogger was simply looking quell the call of nature. If this is indeed the case there should be some degree of the punishment where he is not bunched with the sexual predators list. Public urination seems fitting of the crime but then again, I suppose he should have known better to be draining the lizard in a known gay sex’ing location. The blame rests on both the police and the “supposed” victim. Either way, relieving yourself in a public area is just asking for trouble.

    On the issue of naming children:
    It’s really hard to tell what kind of name is fitting for a child, especially since he/she has really no say in it. While I agree to an extent that it is the parent’s responsibility to name their children something that will not cause years of ridicule. I also believe that because the parents are responsible for giving life to their children, they should be able to name him/her anything they want. Besides, years down the line if the child doesn’t like it, they can always legally change it.

  3. Teresa says:

    My favorite fictional name was from the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stevenson. You’d like it. Its set in a Libertarian dystopia.

    The main character is half Japanese, half Greek.

    His name, is Hiro Protagonist.

    He drives a pizza delivery car for Uncle Enzo’s Costa Nostra Pizza Service, lives in a U-StoreIt and is a genious computer hacker with mad Samuri skillz.

    There’s also a bad guy who was “punished” for a crime by having “poor impulse control” tattooed on his forehead.

    My husband and I joked about nameing one of our kids “Hiro Protagonist”.

    Refrained, though.

  4. Teresa says:

    About the astronaut:

    I think he’s bit his nut…

    However, wouldn’t it be cool if he hasn’t? 🙂

    the large percentage of my brain that likes to play is handing a big boquet of wild flowers to a giant grey right now. 🙂

    BTW, I responded to your charges of harshness on my blog. Explained myself a little. Hopefully it will suffice.

  5. “His name, is Hiro Protagonist.”

    EXCELLENT! Quite creative.

  6. I like Hiro Protagonist.

    As for names – at a certain point, I don’t mind if courts step in. Such as when you’ve given your child more than the alloted first, middle, and last names, and they are absurd. The other alternative – preferable, IMHO – would be for judges to be more permissive of name changes by those who are under the age of 18. If your name is Talulah Does the Hula, you should be able to get a judge to let you remove the “Does the Hula” part, or rename yourself “Kate,” when you’re all of 10 years old.

    I’ve noticed that people do this mostly to girls. Boys get normal names.

    My test for parents, before they give their child a name: order pizza and take-out with the name. Several times. If it starts to grate on you – constant misspellings, laughter at the other end of the phone, people who refuse to serve you because they think it’s a crank call – don’t give that name to your kid.

    Then again, I suspect that parents who do these things are the epitome of selfish.

  7. wow. that’s a lot of info at once!

    i will say this, they might’ve been targeting this park rendezvous thing because of male prostitution…

  8. “I suppose he should have known better to be draining the lizard in a known gay sex’ing location.”

    Problem is many of us folks who don’t engage in public sex don’t know which places are designated as rendezvous for public sex.

    I could tell a really funny story about my Freshman year at college when I accidentally used the “gay” bathroom on the second floor of the university library. Suffice it to say I was propositioned while I was trying to go #2. An odd situation indeed.

  9. Teresa says:

    About the public urination thing. People don’t seem to remember what childhood is like at all.

    Kids don’t stay on the paved pathways, people. they run through the woods, and they hide in the bushes.

    You can NEVER be sure that there are no small children around.

    If you are in a public park, Keep it in yer pants! geeze.

    Plus, hello…public park? You can’t hardly swing a dead cat without hitting a porta-potty.

    Nobodys tanks are THAT tiny.

  10. “Nobodys tanks are THAT tiny.”

    You should take a long car ride with my wife sometime. HA!

  11. Tiffany says:

    Wow…poor people can’t even pee in the woods anymore…even though it’s really not that hard to find a bathroom…I don’t think he deserved all that attention though. Well…my tank is pretty tiny, I hate road trips because I am the reason we stop all the time, I have earned the most frequent pit stop award 😉

    Banning fast food wouldn’t accomplish anything…it’s not really the companies fault that the consumers are scarfing down the cheeseburger…haha, no in reality it’s your own choice what you eat and as a parent you should base healthy decisions for your kids, but sadly some parents don’t know how to make those choices, or choose not to (which is the sad part)

  12. I could tell a really funny story about my Freshman year at college when I accidentally used the “gay” bathroom on the second floor of the university library. Suffice it to say I was propositioned while I was trying to go #2. An odd situation indeed.

    That’s what you get for taking a wide stance.

  13. “That’s what you get for taking a wide stance.”

    If only Larry Craig had been around to warn me.

  14. alece says:

    the sex police would NOT be happy with my blog today. i’ll be looking over my shoulder all day now…

  15. Teresa says:

    I DO have to laugh at the Center For Consumer Freedom, though, claiming to fight for the “rights” of consumers to not know how many calories and how much fat are in fast food, so they can enjoy their food without guilt.

    That’s just messed up.

    People may have a RIGHT to be ignorant but it takes a lot of balls to actually fight to defend their right to be ignorant,and act like your doing them a favor.


  16. Teresa says:

    Here’s the link to that:

    I’ve heard of freedom OF information…but not freedom FROM information. LOL!

  17. “People may have a RIGHT to be ignorant but it takes a lot of balls to actually fight to defend their right to be ignorant,and act like your doing them a favor.”

    Perhaps their argument is that if consumer’s want the information they will choose restaurants that supply such information. Instead of having the local or state government require that all restaurants provide nutrition information.

    I am all for food labeling though. Especially to allow the consumer to know if a food is genetically modified (not something I am worried about, but others are).

  18. Teresa says:


    WEll, yeah, I see that argument…but you have to admit, it takes some real stones to claim that you are pushing for the interests of the consumers to be ignorant of the contents of their food – especially when most of your funding comes from the businesses that the consumers will be buying from.


  19. Laura says:

    I can’t even believe some of those names. I’ve never heard of someone being named a phrase until now. Sure, there are weird names – Tiara, Apple, Winter – but at least those COULD be normal names. This whole phrase thing is weirding me out.

  20. Alan says:

    The Sex Police & the War on Sex
    The media is always looking for a good story that will sell papers. OC Register had an article yesterday regarding Chris Laurie death and all they could point out was his habitual traffic tickets (Which of course is bad and dangerous without question) instead of trying to find blame they should of talked about his own life.

    The first article was about his father Greg Laurie.

    Regarding this incident my own brother relieved nature right in front of a cop car that was was parked behind a trail to oversee the youth activities in the area. Pretty funny when it happened; however, this story is just wrong that a man lost his job because his boss was not educated enough to look beyond the mere fact that it was only a charge not a conviction. Wrongful Termination if you ask me.

    Banning Fast Food to Fight Obesity?
    This reminds me of the article about banning drive through lanes. People have a choice and with that comes personal responsibilities to themselves and their community.

    Grown up P.E.- Do you Still Hit the Dork With Glasses? Wait, That’s me!
    I am totally for this concept so long as there are no locker rooms. Sorry old middle school memories.

    The could be a great new business idea like Curves.

    A Four Day School Week?
    I love the picture of the school bus. A normal school day for kids is from 8A – 2P. I still remember how I lost focus in the afternoon following lunch. Maybe because I knew school would be out soon and then I would have to walk home to do homework.

    If they change to a 4 day school would the additional 6 hours from Friday would only add about an hour to each of the other four days (4 hrs class, 1 hr lunch, 1 hr breaks). Even if the school day was from 8A to 3:30P that still is not a bad change.

    We could even start a Friday PE Class for kids 😉

    Moonwalker sees Aliens
    Roswell? I think the major cover up involves our government protect future aircraft developments. However, that is not to say aliens do not exist in our vvast universe.

    Conflicted about stupid and odd names
    I took on my middle name because my Mother named me with a common Dutch name that everyone in the States see as a girl name.

    I had to return the love to my kids in naming them after the foot of Orion and Titaness daughter of Uranus. It worked out pretty well so far. However, they have very common middle names.

  21. Good to see that you are back Alan. GREAT comments. Where you been?

  22. Alan says:

    Sorry my friend. My life was taken over last year. I have been busy the last year. I became the Scout Leader for my son’s den and got very active in recovering from the prior leader. Then my son got involved in baseball and had a wonderful season placing 3rd in the playoffs!

    I was the pitching coach and had a great time with the family.

    Then came work in which I finally got a much needed manager to take over a lot of the day to day operations of the company so I can focus on more long term projects.

    All this put me out of commission for some time. I finally started getting a little time following our family vacation to the Northeast with the family during Memorial Day Week. I know I am bad taking my kids out of school.

    I started back up my efforts and I am going to send you my phone number so if i go missing again you can call me and make me accountable to losing this weight.

    Thanks for being a great motivator and your support over the years to so many.

  23. My kids half brother is overweight and because of it has high blood pressure and heart problems. They let him eat nothing but junk and fast food and then wondered why he was not well. He is on a special diet now and doing better, but still has to take medicine for the blood pressure and heart problems. He is 9. I don’t think banning fast food will help, it’s the parent who is supposed to be in control of what the kid eats and if they eat junk food they are setting the example for the kids. I don’t buy fast food for my kids because I got food poisoning once from McDonalds and now the sight of a cheeseburger make me sick to my stomach…that and I could buy a few meals at the grocery store for what I would be paying for fast food.

  24. pajama momma says:

    Regarding the man urinating: I think it’s horrific he’s gone through all this, however, why is it women can hold their bladders so much better than men?

    I mean seriously. The ratio between men and women peeing outdoors has gotta be 10:1.

    It’s hard to feel sympathy because men seem to have no qualms about whipping it out anywhere to urinate.

    Whereas women, yes I’m generalizing here, hold it till we get to the bathroom. Why can’t you guys do the same?

  25. “I mean seriously. The ratio between men and women peeing outdoors has gotta be 10:1.”

    Why? Because out “equipment” makes it far easier to pee outside with relative privacy. 😉

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